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By 2024, there will be 4.1 billion cellular IoT connections. Such connections are not specific to one region or industry – they’re emerging everywhere.

From cellular IoT and 5G to connected vehicles and Industry 4.0: it’s all happening, now. But, to realize the full potential of these opportunities, we need intelligent tools. Tools that make it easy to connect and deploy devices across global ecosystems. 

That’s why we’ve built Ericsson IoT Accelerator. It’s a focused solution, making it easy for you to connect and deploy devices across global ecosystems – and turn connections into revenue.

Get the facts to help set your IoT strategy

Realizing IoT Strategies report

Which strategies have been succeeding in IoT and 5G? We’ve looked at leading service providers, identifying their ways of monetizing data, executing strategy and tapping into cross-industry and vertical-specific opportunities.

Four steps to successful IoT business modeling 

Organizations are bustling to stake their claims in the new IoT frontier – use the information from our report to chart your IoT success.

Handbooks | IoT use case clusters

IoT connects 5.7 million devices every day and promises additional revenue potential of up to 36%. But how do CSPs get in on this?

Customer success stories

Grundfos’ Connected Pumps

Driving innovation in water technology with global connectivity delivered from IoT Accelerator, Grundfos can now deliver valuable actionable insights to their customers.

SKF Smart factory

The smart manufacturing project enable Martin Friis and his team at SKF’s world-class factory to transform manufacturing by introducing fundamental changes to the way industries operate.

Built with Massive IoT opportunities

In China, we connected the world's first IoT factory-automating and streamlining production, showing the benefits that Massive IoT are worth investing in.

Ericsson IoT Accelerator

Connect and manage billions of devices easily, seamlessly and globally.

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IoT news and trends

Ericsson and Volvo Cars' sign 5 year agreement to continue digital services journey

Digital services are a key priority to differentiate Volvo Cars from competitors. Our Connected Vehicle Cloud product enables Volvo Cars to provide these digital services to customers in more than 120 markets.

Learn what's new

Mobile World Congress 2019

Join us at MWC19 in Barcelona to experience 5G and IoT innovation firsthand.

Webinar | Get a head start to offer global IoT solutions

On Demand - International and global business opportunities in IoT? Watch this webinar to learn how to solve the challenges of connectivity management.

Ericsson and PTC team up

Our IoT ecosystem has expanded to include PTC’s ThingWorx. IoT Accelerator now includes advanced tools for developing IoT applications and augmented reality (AR) experiences.