Internet of Things

Ericsson makes it easy for service providers to help enterprises connect and manage devices.

IoT – The Internet of Things

Imagine a society where we will have more connected devices than people living on the planet. In the immediate future year 2025, more than 24.9 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connections* are forecasted compared to the estimated human population of 8.1 billion people.

How are we going to connect all these devices in general, to each other and manage all of these devices seamlessly?

Ericsson has smart solutions to make it easy for communications service providers and industries to connect and deploy devices globally. And turn IoT connectivity into a growing business revenue.

*IoT connections outlook, Ericsson Mobility Report November 2019

What is your path in IoT?

Deciding your IoT strategy will direct you on which path to undertake. From cellular connectivity to 5G to industry applications, Ericsson can provide the IoT technologies you need to succeed.

Understanding IoT

Understanding and navigating around the IoT landscape is a prerequisite to maximizing its business potential for your sector. Faced by increased service and solution demands, service providers, enterprises and industries must decide on which IoT path to take.

IoT for service providers

Create new opportunities for growth by deciding your IoT path as a service provider. Do you want to build the network and help enterprises connect devices? Do you want to address less complex devices or focus on more advanced cases and what kind of network is needed?

IoT for industries

Connecting industry sectors such as mining, automotive, smart metering, logistics, factories and warehouses can boost the industry’s efficiency, safety, reliability and ultimately profitability. Cellular connectivity may give you the competitive advantage you need. Can you afford to remain on the sidelines while competitors get connected?

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