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IoT used for energy saving in buildings

Why IoT changes everything

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT. You’ve heard of it. But what is it, and why is it promising such vast change? Well, imagine everything in our physical world all seamlessly connected, securely connected, everything connected. Even then you're barely close to grasping the potential of IoT.

IoT's potential

City lights glowing in the dark, coordinated by IoT technology to reveal the Ericsson icon

Everything connected. Everywhere.

IoT is not separate from the Internet, but an expansion of it - a way of intelligently fusing the real and cyber worlds. By 2050, there will be 24 billion interconnected devices, meaning almost every object us around us: streetlights, thermostats, electric meters, fitness trackers, water pumps, cars, elevators, even gym vests.

These IoT-enabled devices contain sensors that constantly collect and react to data, and this vast level of data can be used to unlock new levels of intelligence.

No limits, except your imagination.

Every so often, an innovation comes along that leaves those without it behind. IoT is such a game-changer. Because it's not what it IoT is, it's what it has the potential to be. For businesses dreaming of new solutions, the only limits are their imagination.

Ericsson's IoT solutions will help you bridge that gap between possibility and reality. And we’ll do this by supplying the ultimate connector: cellular.

Connected Mangroves

Since 2015, we’ve worked with IoT solutions to conserve mangrove ecosystems in the Philippines and Malaysia. With our work, the coastal areas have been transformed.

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Cellular - the engine of IoT

Making IoT connections limitless

If we could lift up the hood of IoT, what’s in the engine?

Cellular. Cellular is the DNA that holds it all together, like the secure welding that forges together the thousands of parts of a car.

It’s the connecting force that powers everything - a technology that supplies the seamless connectivity IoT demands, offering global, borderless coverage that’s both secure and reliable.

And the unlimited connectivity that cellular offers is what’s helping the IoT to power digital transformation of businesses the world over.

IoT for enterprises

Got a business? We’ve got an IoT solution.

In a digital world, connections are the lifeblood of your business. But what if they were endless? Then your scale, plans, and ambition could be too.

By harnessing the power of cellular, we'll empower any enterprise to make innovation part of the everyday.

With our IoT solutions, you’ll be able to make operations more efficient, unlock new revenue streams, increase customer engagement, and unlock data-driven insights.

Enterprise offering

Making IoT work for you

Liberating businesses everywhere

The global IoT market is set to be worth $1.5 trillion by 2030.

To avoid being left behind, businesses must choose the road that leads to embracing IoT, to not only survive but thrive in a more fluid and connected future.

Because soon, every business model will be total transformation, and innovation will simply be part of the everyday.

The road to growth for businesses will run a lot smoother with IoT.

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Our portfolio

The tools for transformation

To realize the full potential of IoT, you’ll need the right tools to harness it.

Ericsson has created a range of products that will offer the connectivity solutions your business needs to deploy devices globally, and harness IoT for a growing business revenue.

Ericsson's IoT platform is a simple, global ecosystem that helps you turn business concepts into realities, and boost your efficiency, productivity and ultimately, your profitability.

A proven IoT connection

At Ericsson, we help mobile network operators tap into the full value of the IoT opportunity.

We do this by enabling CSPs to build their networks and support connected devices through our IoT platforms.

Our cellular IoT portfolio will enable CSPs to capture a larger share of the IoT market, diversify across more industries, and implement more advanced use cases. This means they can expand, capture new revenue, and create new value for their customers undergoing digital transformation.

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