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Explore the latest in 5G Transport

Mobile transport connects 5G services everywhere

Explore the latest in 5G Transport

Mobile transport solutions to connect 5G services everywhere

As 5G is switched on, capacity needs in urban, suburban, and rural areas will soar. Service providers will need high-performing 5G Transport solutions that are easy to build, scale, and service. Our ubiquitous transport solutions are designed to efficiently meet all needs, connect 5G services everywhere while enabling superior RAN performance.


An integral part of high-performing 5G

5G cannot thrive without 5G Transport. And with the vast number of use cases that can be realized with 5G, our transport solutions address the whole new set of requirements for high reliability, security, high capacity and low latency. Built for radio networks right from the start, we help you deliver ubiquitous network coverage for any deployment scenario - from dense urban centers, to the most remote corners of the world. And it’s our flexible, modular, and cost-efficient transport solutions combined with our success in delivering results, which makes Ericsson a trusted partner in delivering high-performing 5G. So, how can this benefit you?​

  • Deliver the best-performing 5G services anywhere.​
  • Achieve superior RAN performance with a superior transport network.​
  • Establish technology leadership in new markets as you deliver on a whole new set of 5G use cases.​

Ericsson 5G Transport benefits:

  1. Unique combination of microwave, IP routers and integrated optical solutions. Our mobile transport solutions deliver the capacity, ultra-low latency and performance capability needed to build, scale and service 5G everywhere.
  2. A flexible and modular portfolio that support any fronthaul or backhaul usecase, in any network architecture in a cost-efficient way.
  3. Automation and seamless orchestration enables service providers to secure their radio performance while reducing complexity
  4. Ericsson Network Manager manages the end-to-end network across radio, transport and core – making Ericsson a one-stop shop for all your 4G and 5G needs

5G transport connects (by fiber or microwave connections) all nodes in the Radio access network (RAN) with the Core and becomes the backbone of the 5G mobile network. The transport networks is often divided into fronthaul and backhaul: the fronthaul connects the radio unit to the baseband and the backhaul ties the basebands to the core to fulfill use case and capacity demands. Transport networks need to be capable of handling all the Gs; 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G in a cost-efficient way while fulfilling the requirements of 5G and its services. Ericsson has developed a complete mobile transport portfolio designed with precision to deliver ubiquitous 5G coverage wherever it is needed. Scalable, flexible and cost-efficient transport solutions from Ericsson deliver superior 5G RAN performance to connect 5G services everywhere.


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Paper: Synchronization solutions in 5G Transport network

Seamless synchronization operation is fundamental to unlock the full potential of 5G. To efficiently address RAN synchronization requirements, a good understanding of all the technology options for synchronization distribution in transport networks is essential.

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5 myths about 5G Transport

Several myths exist about 5G Transport and its technologies. Don't let these misconceptions stop you from building a superior mobile transport network for 5G services everywhere. We bust the myths for you.

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Master your transport network performance

Leverage cloud-native automation and AI with Ericsson Transport Automation Controller, and take data-driven actions to maximize your transport network efficiency.

Optical fronthaul

Efficiently increase line capacity and minimize the fibers required in a reliable and flexible way. DWDM delivers increasing speeds and new models of RAN connectivity in a world where telecommunication capacity is increasing, and fiber availability is limited.

Packet Fronthaul for 5G

The transport infrastructure of your network is key in securing the best 5G performance. The radio evolution, introducing new interfaces and deployment architectures, drives the need for increased capacity and connectivity, lower latency, and support for increased traffic volume in 5G IP networks. Our Router 6000 family is designed to cater for the diverse challenging demands of modern backhaul and fronthaul networks.

Boost capacity in traditional bands

As the capacity demands increase with 5G expanding in dense urban, suburban, and rural areas, higher backhaul capacities are needed within the traditional microwave frequencies 6-42GHz. There are many ways to increase capacity, both via software and additional hardware.

Microwave multi-band booster

With 5G spreading over the globe, high capacity backhaul is imperative not only in the city but also in the suburbs and in the countryside. Microwave has many ways of increasing capacity on existing sites, and deliver high capacity to new sites. One of these methods is using Multi-band booster, a flexible way of catering for the 5G Transport requirements.

Long haul microwave

How can you plan networks that provide high capacity in rural or remote areas where no optical fiber is available at a reasonable cost? Long haul microwave is the answer.


Ericsson 5G Transport brochure

A breadth of solutions for 5G Transport to connect services everywhere

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Chunghwa Telecom's 5G success

Chunghwa Telecom put energy efficiency to the fore in a recent 5G rollout and were handsomely rewarded when they managed to reduce power consumption by 33 percent on average while achieving excellent uplink and downlink speeds in both stationary and drive tests.

Telecom services to American Samoa islands restored using extremely long microwave link

Communication is a basic human need and speedy recovery is essential when you lose the connection. With an extremely long microwave backhaul link this connection was restored for the population of the remote Manu’a Islands in the American Samoa.

Fronthaul 6000 unlocks optical solution towards 5G for Verizon

Ericsson’s leading optical product portfolio based on WDM technology was the ideal way to ensure optical connectivity to support the 5G journey for leading US service provider Verizon.

Ericsson microwave ensures connectivity in Faroe Islands

A fully owned subsidiary, NET provides network infrastructure connectivity to different service providers in the Faroe Islands. NET is currently modernizing the microwave network utilizing the MINI-LINK 6000 platform to fulfill connectivity and capacity requirements across the islands.

5G network Australia

As Telstra, Australia’s leading telecommunications provider, embarked on its 5G journey, it chose the Ericsson Router 6000 to provide a flexible mobile backhaul solution that helped enable the first 5G services.

Singtel - the first and most powerful 5G standalone network in Singapore

Singtel’s 5G Standalone (SA) network offers blazing fast speeds, hyperconnectivity, and a myriad of possibilities for both enterprise and consumers. Learn about Singtel’s journey to get there.

AI and Machine learning for Microwave networks

Glenn Landgren, Transmission Manager from 3, presents his thoughts around the value of AI and machine learning and products such as Ericsson’s Advanced Microwave Insights for an operator using a microwave network.

Explore our product portfolio


Ericsson’s market-leading, powerful and cost-efficient microwave radio system bringing up to 10Gbps capacity with superior performance to 5G NR sites where time to market and cost are factors.

Fronthaul 6000

The industry’s most complete, protocol-agnostic fronthaul solution for 4G and 5G, designed for, and verified with Ericsson Radio System, enables superior RAN performance in the most cost-efficient and flexible way.

Router 6000

The industry’s highest performance 5G router(s), eliminates the backhaul bottleneck with 10/100Gbps capacity, in a form factor that avoids stranded ports. Designed as part of the Ericsson Radio System, Router 6000 enables superior RAN performance with 5G features not found in any other router on the market today.

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