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Business and Operations Support Systems

Closing the loop: CSPs aim to automate service orchestration and assurance


OSS/BSS spanning Core Commerce, Orchestration, Monetization, Data and Analytics is underpinned by hybrid multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments. It’s time to bring BSS and OSS together in a simpler, more agile and efficient way.

OSS/BSS evolution is a strategic priority for successful 5G monetization

We are pioneering superior service experience and monetization. Expanding top line revenue growth from more services adds new dimensions of complexity in the shift to:

  • Diversify revenues
  • Outperform competitors
  • Maximize efficiency.

Working side by side with our customers, we see the challenges of the past, the present and the future - and we’re already solving them. OSS/BSS systems are traditionally siloed and fragmented. To support successful service evolution, Business and Operations Support Systems, a pre-integrated suite of products and solutions, work together cohesively - tightly integrated end to end, yet loosely coupled for the benefits of modularity.

Ericsson delivers products and solutions supported by open APIs, accompanied by a comprehensive range of services to: Advise, Build, Operate and Ensure.

Ericsson Business and Operations Support Systems can help you realize the full business potential of network evolution.

See our Business and Operations Support Systems cases.

Evolve service design, service creation and service assurance for enterprises and ecosystem partners

Unleash superior experiences and automate operations to turn on the value of 5G

As 5G rollouts accelerate, new use cases are emerging allowing CSPs to significantly expand the number of services they offer to both businesses and consumers. While 5G opens many new opportunities, it also presents new challenges and complexities. 

Achieve better business outcomes by evolving OSS/BSS, enabling optimized processes and workflows to and from the network and when engaging with customers and partners.

Overcome challenges and stay competitive as new services, new business models and new ways of engaging with consumers, enterprises and partners come into play. Ensure coherent service experience and secure new revenue opportunities. Orchestrate order to activation requests quickly. Assure service quality. Monetize with accurate and efficient charging and billing. Let insights guide continuous improvement toward data-driven operations.

LinkedIn program: Fuel innovation with service orchestration and assurance

Communications service providers joined Ericsson to discuss service orchestration and assurance.


A customer experience-led transformation is under way.


Orchestration and assurance are helping to deliver new, interesting and innovative services to customers.


Reducing services time to market and enabling automation, flexible network slicing and advanced connectivity capabilities.


Driving a service orchestration and assurance evolution for wireless services.

OSS/BSS is the combination of Business and Operations Support Systems. OSS/BSS underpins service creation in product catalog, ordering, service orchestration, service activation, monitoring. It also extends to monetization in mediation, charging and billing. This must be supplemented with the capabilities to ingest and transform data, at scale, with analytics into actionable insights. These systems enable CSPs to monetize network capabilities, serving enterprise and consumer customers, facilitating ecosystem partners, supporting connectivity, communication and collaboration across fixed/wired and mobile/wireless networks.

OSS/BSS is evolving to meet network service complexity and the ability to offer and monetize a wider range of differentiated products and services.

OSS/BSS requirements are evolving. Driven by the need to improve customer experience and operational agility, while becoming more data driven, CSPs need to evolve OSS/BSS cohesively.  And to overcome new complexities (e.g. network slicing), CSPs need to avail of  automation and orchestration to eliminate manual touch points.

OSS/BSS benefits CSPs  by supplying the tools needed to expose network capabilities, present configuration options, determine prices and orchestrate the order through to activation—all in real time and without human intervention.  Additionally, OSS/BSS underpins commercial activities and handles customer and ecosystem partner-facing interactions.

This combination of integrated systems is critical for driving agility and operational efficiency and supporting emerging business models. This is necessary to innovate and capitalize on 5G opportunities as networks, applications, services and customer behaviors evolve in complex hybrid  multi-cloud, multi-vendor environments.  

What’s new in OSS/BSS?

Ways of working, processes and workflows must evolve with the right blend of outcome focused technology and operations transformation. OSS/BSS architecture is evolving to support superior 5G service experience. Digitalization is critical for efficient service creation and management, as is the journey to cloud OSS/BSS, in enabling CSPs to fully monetize business, technical and operational investments.

Automating service orchestration and assurance

TM Forum’s Dean Ramsay discusses orchestration and assurance as a consolidated transformational strategy.

CIO Silobreakers transforming OSS/BSS across legacy boundaries

Ida La Spisa, the CIO of Telia Sweden, describes how Telia is approaching the IT transformation in all six of the countries in which it operates.

Telia: BSS/OSS for automated 5G digital service delivery

Telia enacted an ambitious digital transformation to unify operations in six Nordic and Baltic countries and automate the delivery of new 5G digital services on centralized technology platforms using Business and Operations Support Systems from Ericsson

Network slicing – operational enablement

Read why a structured operational enablement is needed to align the slicing capabilities across business, technical and operations.

See our demonstrations at Digital Transformation World 2024

Automate intent-driven services

Automate intent-driven services with Ericsson Service Orchestration and Assurance.

Operationalize network slicing

Operationalize network slicing with Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing.

Business and Operations Support Systems portfolio areas

Business and Operations Support Systems portfolio

Core Commerce, Orchestration, Monetization, Data and Analytics, Digital Monetization Platform (DMP) and Services

Core Commerce

Support consistent and contextual catalog-driven omni-channel experience powered by intuitive journeys

Read more


Dynamically manage service orchestration, enabling zero-touch order to activation workflows

Read more


Monetize new revenue streams while offering increased value to end consumers and enterprises

Read more

Data and Analytics

Drive insights to business outcomes with real-time, multivendor data processing, analytics and AI/ML 

Read more

OSS/BSS Services

Business and Operations Support Systems must connect, communicate and collaborate effectively to deliver business operations efficiency and exceptional experiences.

We work with customers side by side as a trusted partner with the right level of service at every stage. We Advise, Build, Operate, and Ensure as needed -  before, during and after discrete software implementation/integration and in larger end-to-end business transformation.

Explore OSS/BSS Services

5G enterprise architecture, and business transformation advisory


Deploy, integrate, test, upgrade, application development and maintenance (ADM) services


IT managed services, automated service management, and support services


 Cloud certification, security and performance assurance services


OSS/BSS Solutions

Business and Operations Support Systems products and services combine into integrated solutions to addresses CSPs ambitions and fast-track their growth. This integrated approach helps CSPs to solve their business challenges faster, minimize risk and reduce time to revenue.

Explore OSS/BSS Solutions

Ericsson Digital Monetization Platform

Pre-integrated, catalog-driven BSS suite, enabled with all services monetization capabilities including 5G and IoT

Ericsson Dynamic Network Slicing

Realize orchestrated and assured end-to-end network slicing faster with production-ready accelerators

Maximize the journey to cloud

Driven by the need to transform operations for cloud efficiency and automation, OSS/BSS cloud journeys are underway.

Our Business and Operations Support Systems portfolio is agile and scalable in order to work in hybrid multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments.

Managed service provider

Moving BSS to the Cloud: Early success stories

There’s a fundamental shift in how business support systems (BSS) are being delivered, with forerunners moving to hybrid or public cloud. 

Ericsson and AWS partner to support CSPs on their journey to cloud BSS

Ericsson’s Mats Karlsson, Head of Solution Area Business and Operations Support Systems, discusses AWS partnership, AWS certification for BSS and leveraging cloud benefits.

Futurum | BSS-to-cloud journey

Futurum Research surveyed 324 CSPs, exploring BSS cloud journeys and key patterns. 
Futurum | Powering Innovation
Futurum | The Platform Perspective


Want a quick overview of Ericsson case studies?  Read about the transformative steps and strategies being taken by many of our OSS/BSS customers. These leaders in digital transformation share their efforts to remain competitive and responsive to dynamic market conditions, while successfully monetizing 5G capital investments.

TPG Telecom: Analytics and troubleshooting

TPG Telecom gains an in-depth, end-to-end understanding of service experience.

Telstra: Multi-domain service orchestration

Telstra and Ericsson worked closely together to develop multi-domain API-driven orchestration to develop new products and services more quickly.

Airtel: Charging and policy

Airtel India is using policy and charging as the overall tool for network functions in the BSS landscape. Its solution consolidates real-time charging and policy across 23 markets with support for geo-redundancy.

Ooredoo Kuwait: 5G monetization

Ooredoo Kuwait executives discuss consolidation of the legacy charging environment - moving to online charging, increased digital engagement and seamless customer experiences across channels.

Telia: Zero-touch automation

Telia Head of Products and Production Services, Ida La Spisa, discusses Telia’s major digital transformation and it's partnership with Ericsson.

Telstra: Pre-paid transformation

Telstra successfully transformed its Pre-Paid Mobile offering using Ericsson Digital BSS in a  customer-centric front-end digital transformation.

Vivo Brazil: BSS modernization

Vivo Brazil Andre Kriger, speaking as CIO, provides an overview of Vivo and its massive BSS transformation, outlining why Vivo selected Ericsson and the key goals it has already met, including zero downtime upgrades.

T-Mobile: AI and IT Operations

T-Mobile and Ericsson Managed Services used AI to reduce order fallouts and to find and resolve issues faster.

Listen to our OSS/BSS experts

In less than twenty minutes per podcast, Ericsson experts discuss key issues related to superior service experience and monetization,  including the role of AI in OSS/BSS, the vision of cloud, the possibilities of continuous integration, and how to grow revenues with new business models.

Monetize 5G, the business opportunity and BSS readiness

Gordon Rawling discusses the opportunity 5G brings to serve enterprises in new ways, how network slicing is a key competitive differentiator, the importance of telecom BSS, and the capabilities CSPs need to develop to monetize their share of a roughly USD $200 billion market for network slicing enabled 5G services by 2030.

Growing with new business models

Hassan Iftikhar explores how CSPs can monetize 5G by taking proactive steps like configuring network slices to provide tailored connectivity. He also discusses why deploying digital BSS and orchestration, and improving the enterprise customer and partner experience, are critical to success with enterprise customers.

Claim the possibilities of continuous automation

Diego Chedufau and Jesús González Royo discuss the critical role of continuous automation in alleviating the pressure on CSPs to manage OPEX and control the costs of organizational change required to release new 5G-enabled CSP services.

The vision of cloud: Why is cloud native crucial for business success

Jason Keane and Daniel Soares discuss how CSPs can differentiate their services and compete by leveraging a variety of cloud models, platforms, and the right Hyperscale Cloud Provider (HCP) partnerships.

The role of AI in BSS and orchestration

Three Ericsson BSS experts, Rohit Singhal, Pooja Singh and Ricardo Britto, discuss how artificial intelligence can help various BSS processes, like product lifecycle automation, detecting usage and payment fraud for revenue assurance, and orchestrating the customer journey dynamically to boost 5G network revenues.

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