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Connection on an industry transformation

Connection on an industrial scale

Transforming industries

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Driven by cellular technology, a rapid transformation of all industries is underway, with countless innovative solutions reshaping every sector for the better. Any enterprise that embraces this new level of connectivity will find that the possibilities are endless.

Accelerate your industry transformation with cellular

The foundation of this change is cellular technology, a tool of total digital transformation that enables rapid and scalable connectivity. By pushing every industry’s connectivity to its limits, Ericsson is helping enterprises gain the advantage they need to leave the competition behind. And as cellular flows more widely throughout all industries, it’s showing it has the ability to connect almost anything.


Any sector, any solution

Any sector can harness cellular to solve ongoing challenges and boost their agility, efficiency, safety and profitability. At Ericsson, we’re liberating industries like these: 


Today’s airports are fast embracing new solutions as they evolve into smarter operations. 

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Energy utilities

Energy utility companies all over the world are responding to the accelerating need for smarter ways to control the flow of energy.

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Welcome to Industry 4.0 - where connected manufacturing equipment creates the next level of productivity.

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Smart mining operations are boosting safety, productivity, and sustainability with cellular.

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Offshore and Processing

Private networks and 5G technology are fundamental to industrial digitalization and achieving net zero emission commitments, as well as creating safer environments for connected workers.

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Cellular is helping realize a vision of the digitally connected harbour of the future.

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Public safety

The public safety sector relies on innovative technologies to shield citizens from preventable injuries and dangers.

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The future of rail depends on reliable critical mobile broadband connectivity for faster, safer and greener travel.

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Warehousing and logistics

Powering warehousing and logistics with seamless 5G connectivity.

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Featured insights and events

Report | Connected Industries - how to transform with cellular

Ericsson interviewed 25 global businesses to understand how cellular connectivity is driving their success. Discover in our report how it can optimize performance, maximize efficiency, automate processes, and solve many more digitalization goals.

Blog post | Is cellular the cure for the connected industrial enterprise?

Like the human body, the health of an enterprise depends on both internal and external factors and the positive dynamics and interactions between the two. Similar to an obstruction in the veins potentially leading to an embolism, a disconnected value chain can lead to disruptions in service, product flaws and loss of company credibility.

Video series | Cellular Curious – find answers to your questions

Are you curious about cellular technology? Wondering what you need to know to digitalize your business and stay ahead of the competition? Enjoy fast and deep insights about the value of cellular technology straight from Ericsson’s foremost experts and friends.

Featured cases

Smart meters

Telia removes barriers for smart grids by enabling massive cellular IoT for millions of smart meters.

Car connectivity

Borgward relaunched its vehicles in its European market leveraging the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) for connected car capabilities. 

People working in a smart factory

Smart factory

Combining cellular IoT and Industry 4.0, the Nanjing located Ericsson Panda factory is continuously exploring ways to optimize manufacturing processes. 

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