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Sustainable Development Goals

We have integrated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework for how we describe and measure our impacts on society. ICT can help achieve all the SDGs and by applying our technology and expertise, we’ve made a positive impact and supported the SDGs in communities across the globe.

Sustainability performance

Explore this section where you can find facts and figures, sustainability and corporate responsibility related reports, performance, assurance and certifications. Check also our carbon footprint and the latest Carbon Disclosure Project. Our performance and progress are assessed according to globally recognized standards.

Ericsson programs and solutions are making an impact around the world

Ericsson Digital Lab developing ICT skills

Digital Lab is an innovative education program for students to support them in their first encounters with programming, robotics and automation.

Technology for Good

Technology continues to transform the world we live in, bringing change where it’s most needed. At Ericsson we’re committed to doing our part to bring positive change to customers and the wider world around us.

Mobile broadband effect on GDP

New report proves mobile broadband drives global economic development. On average, a 10% increase in the MBB adoption ratio causes a 0.8 percent increase in GDP, according to a joint research project with the Imperial College in London.

Ericsson Response in Dominica

Hurricane Maria (category 5) struck the Caribbean in September 2017. Our WIDER solution was deployed in Roseau and Marigot to reconnect the island with the rest of the world.

Connect to Learn in Myanmar

Connect to Learn is a public-private partnership that utilizes ICT solutions to promote universal access to quality secondary education in developing countries. In Myanmar, about 21,000 students was benefited in two years.

Connected mangroves—IoT in Malaysia

This project combines mobile, IoT and cloud technologies to enable real-time monitoring of mangroves. The result is better management of new sapling growth and communities that can act on environmental or condition changes.

Transforming Africa through ICT

All around the world, digital transformation is becoming a critical factor in long-term, sustainable economic development, and Africa is no exception. Hear from Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Executive Director at SMART Africa.

Broadband for All

communication is not just about a one to one conversation anymore. It’s about broadband and how the whole broadband industry has taken off and Ericsson has a key role in digitalization of societies.

Millennium Villages Project

The Millennium Villages Project aimed to prove that it is possible to reduce extreme poverty in rural Africa through community-led development at the village level.

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