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5G value: Turning performance into loyalty

5G value: Turning performance into loyalty

Reports and papers

We have captured what's next in ICT, based on inhouse research and research in collaboration with academia and other partners. This is what we see coming, new trends and insights. Explore our reports, white papers, blogs and technical publications.

Get your insights from Ericsson Mobility Report

Ericsson Mobility Report provides industry-leading projections and analyses of the latest trends in the mobile industry, including subscription, mobile data traffic and population coverage.

Our forecasts are based on past and current data, validated with extensive network measurements.

Read the report to learn about the latest figures for 5G, IoT, fixed wireless access and more.

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Reports and white papers

ConsumerLab reports

Ericsson ConsumerLab has 20 years’ experience in consumer values and behavioral research. Our reports provide consumer insight and can help operators to develop attractive revenue-generating services.

IndustryLab reports

Put our data and insights into action and revolutionize your industry.

White papers

Spotlight on industry and technology.

Ericsson Microwave Outlook

The Ericsson Microwave Outlook report, published annually, contains the latest developments and insights on the microwave industry.

Tap into Ericsson enterprise reports and insights

Discover the latest insights from Ericsson business reports featuring use cases and expert recommendations.

Further insights

Explore more insights and trending topics in our brochures and papers

Technical publications

Ericsson Technology Review

Brings you in-depth analyses of developing technologies, providing various perspectives, benefits and insights on advancements being made.

Research papers

Welcome to our library of journal and conference papers. Here you will find articles and presentations on technologies, security and sustainability among others.


Welcome to our library. Here you will find books where Ericsson's experts have contributed.

The Ericsson Blog

In the Ericsson blog, you'll find further insights, news and opinions on the latest technology trends and business innovations.

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