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Private Networks

A private network as dedicated as you are

Private Networks

Discover the broadest portfolio of private network solutions and use cases to accelerate your connected transformation. Private networks provide reliable, secure, and agile 4G and 5G connectivity – giving businesses, industries, communities and governments new levels of control.

Imagine endless possibilities with a private network

High-performance communications are foundational to digital transformation across manufacturing, mining, energy utilities, offshore & processing industries, ports, airports, smart cities, healthcare, and more. Private 4G and 5G networks provide reliable, secure, and agile connectivity to support the adoption, use and scaling of new and emerging, data-driven technologies.

One size does not fit all. Ericsson offers the broadest portfolio of private network solutions supporting the widest range of use cases — giving you choice of the best solution to accelerate your organization’s digital transformation.

5G: How high performance private networks are transforming manufacturing

In this webinar brought to you by Ericsson, experts from Airbus and AtlasCopco will explain how the technology is transforming their processes and reshaping their future strategies.

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Dedicated to data protection

More security

Ericsson’s Private Networks are designed to keep data exactly that - private. End-to-end security is built-in from core to edge down to the device level, ensuring that data is more secure and inaccessible to outside parties.

Dedicated to dependability

More reliability

5G cellular technology excels at providing robust, secure communications with consistent latency. Especially in device-dense environments with data-heavy requirements, only 5G can handle the high-performance demands of modern smart facilities.

A man with a headset sitting in front of computer screens.

More simplicity

Ericsson Private Networks solutions are agile, designed to be flexible and support an endless range of deployment sizes, requirements and needs.

A drone flying in mid-air. Drones can collect real-time data for an agile Dedicated Network,

More innovation

5G private cellular networks are unlocking use cases and applications previously not possible. From advanced manufacturing, automation, robots and drones to digital twins, edge computing and augmented reality - we are limited only by our own imaginations. 5G will be ready to tackle new use cases well into the future.

Ericsson Private 5G

Ericsson Private 5G is a next-generation, private network, tailored to drive Industry 4.0, the modernization and digitalization of infrastructures and business process operations. Organizations gain secure and powerful 4G LTE and 5G Standalone (SA) connectivity allowing them to optimize and simplify business critical operations through data creation, collection, and analysis.

Built on Ericsson’s successful 4G/5G radios and dual mode core technology, Ericsson Private 5G unlocks a wide variety of innovative use cases for both indoor and outdoor environments while easily integrating with business operations, devices and applications. As a result, companies can improve productivity and create more value for customers, all while using a solution that is secure and more environmentally friendly.

NetCloud Private Networks

NetCloud Private Networks is an end-to-end private cellular network solution that leverages Wi-Fi investments to simplify the complexities of private cellular network ownership that have hindered broader enterprise adoption. NetCloud Private Networks is a cloud-native extension of the Cradlepoint NetCloud Service and delivers scalability, plug-and-play deployment, zero-trust security, and simplified IT infrastructure integration.

Through the power of software, NetCloud Private Networks uses orchestration to ease deployment tasks and integrate disparate systems into a seamless plug-and-play experience. Automation simplifies the process of daily management and provides a pathway to AI-driven operations in the future.

Featured cases

Ericsson USA 5G Smart Factory

At the Ericsson USA 5G smart factory, we assemble the equipment that will power 5G networks across the U.S. The factory is a full scale operation realizing the potential of 5G with Industry 4.0 to enable intelligent automation and leverage real time data across operations.

Shaping the future of 5G with ABB

5G is here, and its application in hundreds of different contexts is being explored in Industry 4.0 initiatives around the world. A key part of the exploration lies in industrial partnership – an opportunity for industry leaders to both benefit from tailored functionality, and become a part of 5G's future.

5G and mining technology

As mining operations dig deeper into the earth, the need has never been greater for safe, productive and sustainable solutions. Find out why Boliden is looking into Ericsson's 5G for the answer.

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Ericsson offers a portfolio with a choice of local cellular networks. Whether it’s simple and prepackaged, or tailored and comprehensive, we have the solution for you.

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