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Ericsson ONE Venture Studio

What is Ericsson ONE?

Ericsson ONE Venture Studio is an internal accelerator for Ericsson employees with pioneering new business ideas. We give our talented people the chance to develop these ideas and build successful ventures beyond our core business. By leveraging Ericsson's global scale, technology, relationships and expertise we help make their startups a success.

And we mean business. In the innovation space there's a lot of talk and theatrics with entrepreneurs using a lot of their time to secure funding. We offer serious investment in both people and product or service – giving people a very real opportunity to create highly successful ventures and become CEO of their own company. Our diverse team of experts provide hands-on coaching, support and advice every step of the way.

Anyone from within Ericsson is welcome to submit an idea, at any time.


How does Ericsson ONE work?

Ericsson ONE dreamers

The Ericsson ONE team has established a highly effective innovation accelerator process that consists of several stages. Initial ideas are reviewed by the team and the most promising ones move forward to the next stage. The intrapreneur – and his or her extended team – then go through a step-by-step process which involves rapidly creating, testing and validating their prototypes, building a minimum viable product, and if everything goes well, developing it into a fully­fledged, accelerator unit within Ericsson's portfolio. As they progress through the stages, intrapreneurs need to pitch to various stakeholders to secure further investment. 

Our intrapreneurs are provided with everything they need to successfully launch a new venture and scale it quickly. This includes dedicated resources, training, funding, and early adopter customers. By giving people this opportunity, we can support Ericsson employees on their innovation journeys, while developing new products that our customers will benefit from.

What does Ericsson ONE offer intrapreneurs?

Ericsson ONE Venture Studio offers intrapreneurs monetary incentives apart from funding, but that's not any different from a venture capitalist. What's important is that we offer a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that's been accumulated over decades.

  • Ericsson's people: by developing an idea within Ericsson, intrapreneurs have access to a talent pool of 100,000 people with every capability.
  • Ericsson's expertise: intrapreneurs can utilize Ericsson's proven go-to-market strategies and industry-leading technologies, and 55,000 patents.
  • Ericsson's partnerships: Ericsson has a global network of customers and partnerships that can be leveraged, throughout the innovation process.

Today, nearly 90 percent of startups fail, but with us behind you, the likelihood of success increases greatly. We can prove it – get in touch.

Ericsson ONE

Launched ventures

Ventures being developed

Ericsson Connected Recycling

Landfills are exploding and more waste is being burned than ever before: our reliance on single-use plastic products and packaging is causing irreversible damage.  Is there a way to tackle our plastic consumption, while also encouraging innovation, sustainable growth and robust employment opportunities?

Holographic Communication: It is about representing the real you

A 3D hologram doesn’t look like you—it is you. Holographic Communication provides a real-time, detailed capture of human emotions and expressions, transmitted on today’s network. Holographic communication refers to real-time capturing, encoding, transporting and rendering of 3D representations.

Driving the future of mining safety with machine learning

Mining is a resource and equipment intensive industry, making remote monitoring of personnel and equipment conditions a necessity. Drawing from Ericsson’s extensive experience across sectors, an Ericsson team came up with a way of tackling these challenges using machine learning (ML) in a transformative predictive maintenance solution. Let’s hear what the Senior Developer, Feng Liu, has to say about their innovation.

Helping save lives with a digital safety ecosystem

With preventable occupational incidents and illnesses causing almost 2 million* deaths and USD 3 trillion in costs every year across the globe, smarter solutions and technologies are crucial for improving workplace safety and avoiding preventable injuries and deaths.

More on idea development, intrapreneurship and innovation

Swimming in plastic potential: the innovation that’s turning trash into cash

We are in a plastic crisis: a material that we depend on, but are now drowning in. Turning ‘trash into cash’ – the latest spark to emerge from Ericsson ONE, Ericsson’s internal accelerator for intrapreneurs – is one of many breakthrough technologies that is using the circular economy model to tackle the issue head on.

Making a positive impact: how tech is helping us restore planet earth

Robot jellyfish, and staying in your pajamas – how are these things helping to save the world? We explore how technology is tackling some of the planet’s biggest environmental concerns. Some of these initiatives help humans, some help trees, some help the sea – but all help planet earth!

What is an intrapreneur?


An intrapreneur is a person who develops new ideas and businesses within a company. They are inventors, pioneers, creators, explorers, doers, and problem-solvers. They have ideas that they believe will make things better or even change the world. They are you.

How to create a fair intrapreneurship process

Ensuring that no idea is overlooked and that all intrapreneurs have the same opportunities is key when building an internal accelerator. Find out how we do it at Ericsson ONE with our tried and tested framework.

Five (proven) ways to encourage employee innovation

Choosing to innovate – or not – can be the make it or break it for a business. It can also be fun and personally rewarding. Here are some simple things you can do to boost employee innovation in your workplace.

How to transform your business idea into a minimum viable product

You hove a game-changing new business idea, and now you're ready to create something tangible. Here are six steps to make your MVP a success.

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