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Ericsson ONE Venture Studio

Ericsson ONE: Where ideas are made

Ericsson ONE is an internal accelerator for Ericsson employees with pioneering new business ideas. We give our innovative people the chance to develop these ideas and build successful ventures that complement our core business. By leveraging Ericsson's global scale, technology, relationships, and expertise, we help make their startups a success.

And we mean business. In the innovation space there's a lot of talk and theatrics with entrepreneurs using a lot of their time to secure funding. We offer serious investment in both people and product – giving people a very real opportunity to create highly successful ventures and become CEO of their own business. Our diverse team of experts provide hands-on coaching, support, and advice every step of the way.

Everyone at Ericsson is welcome to submit an idea, at any time.

How Ericsson ONE works

Ericsson ONE dreamer

The Ericsson ONE team has established a highly effective innovation accelerator process that consists of several stages. Initial ideas are reviewed by the team and the most promising ones move forward to the next stage. The intrapreneur – and his or her extended team – then go through a step-by-step process that involves rapidly creating, testing and validating their prototypes, building a minimum viable product, and if everything goes well, developing it into a full-fledged accelerator unit within Ericsson's portfolio. As they progress through the stages, intrapreneurs pitch to various stakeholders to secure further investment. 

Our intrapreneurs are provided with everything they need to successfully launch a new venture and scale it quickly. This includes dedicated resources, training, funding, and early adopter customers. By giving people this opportunity, we can support Ericsson employees on their innovation journeys, while developing new products that our customers will benefit from.

Venture spotlight

Ericsson ONE ventures creating a buzz

Ericsson and T-Mobile team up

Ericsson and T-Mobile team up to help boost enterprise 5G laptop connectivity and security

Ericsson selects T-Mobile as the 5G and SASE provider for the first phase of its internal Enterprise Virtual Cellular Network (EVCN) pilot in the U.S

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ECR and iot squared

Ericsson and iot squared sign MoU at MWC 2024 to transform Saudi Arabia’s waste landscape

iot squared to offer the Ericsson Connected Recycling platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, contributing to shaping a more sustainable future in the country.

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EVCN and partners transform IT

Transforming Enterprise IT with 5G Windows 11 PCs

SoftBank Corp., T-Mobile, and Telia Sweden join forces with Ericsson, Microsoft, and Thales to enable 5G Windows 11 PCs with zero touch provisioning and automated eSIM profile switching and management.

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Ericsson and du offer ECR in UAE

Ericsson and du offer Ericsson Connected Recycling platform in UAE

Ericsson and du sign a partnership in line with the UAE Green Agenda 2030 that aims to shape a sustainable future and minimize the impact of waste.

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More on idea development, intrapreneurship and innovation

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The Ericsson advantage

Similar to a venture capitalist, Ericsson offers intrapreneurs monetary incentives and funding. However, intrapreneurs at Ericsson also benefit from a vast wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated over decades. The Ericsson advantage includes access to: 

  • Ericsson's people: by developing an idea within Ericsson, intrapreneurs have access to a talent pool of 100,000 people with every capability.
  • Ericsson's expertise: intrapreneurs can utilize Ericsson's proven go-to-market strategies and industry-leading technologies, and 55,000 patents.
  • Ericsson's partnerships: Ericsson has a global network of customers and partnerships that can be leveraged, throughout the innovation process.

Today, nearly 90 percent of startups fail, but with Ericsson behind you, the likelihood of success increases greatly. Bring your idea to life – get in touch.

Intrapreneurs collaborating