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The power of people and technology

Always intelligent. Always on.

Intelligent network services designed for deployment speed and always-on network operations.

Network Services evolution

We aim to stay ahead of your shifting needs, providing ongoing value in the age of 5G. And that calls for the combined power of people and technology. We integrate data insights with our expert knowledge to offer service providers what they need, from site design and engineering to continuous preemptive support and network optimization.

Network intelligence in our services is partnering with communication service providers to deliver faster, more efficient, and more accurate services to their customers. It is made possible through AI and data-driven deployment, simplifying the process, reducing CAPEX, and accelerating time to market by 50%. This also enables 99% first time right build, helping optimize investment. To backup the complete network services portfolio, the network support solutions ensure service continuity, predict faults before they happen, and ensure always-on network operations through data-driven and AI-powered automation.

In the spotlight

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Intelligent deployment

Networks are getting increasingly complex to deploy, upgrade and expand – and 5G is adding new challenges. Ericsson’s data-driven deployment processes and tools, combined with the knowledge of our experts, help service providers deploy networks for the 5G era in a faster, more efficient, and more accurate way. With Intelligent Deployment, Ericsson delivers true standardization and digitalization of the full network life cycle.

Network support services

Ericsson’s AI/ML and data-driven network support services, combined with the knowledge of our experts, will help you to operate your network for the 5G era in a preemptive, efficient, and secure way, allowing you to provide service continuity for a better end-user experience and always-on networks.

What is Ericsson Network Services 

The evolution of Network services - partnering with service providers in delivering faster, more efficient and more accurate solutions

  • Maximize the return on 5G and other network technologies through a fast and predictable execution.
  • Deliver top performance and detect issues before they become faults. 
  • Employ accurate and extensive data-driven approaches to help capitalize on investments by delivering the first time right. 

Ensure your business continuity with our resilient end-2-end delivery model

It builds on the foundations of resilience, predictability, and transparency. Reduces supply risk and puts you at the center of your supply chain.

Network Services evolution to autonomous and intent-based networks

Ericsson is partnering and collaborating in the evolution of Network Services on DevOps democratization of information, data, and processes to expedite deployments, maintain and tune high performing networks via decision intelligence.Watch the video, listen to our experts in this evolution towards autonomous and intent-based networks.

Reports and insights

How to bridge collaboration gaps in the 5G telecom space?

For service providers, ensuring seamless, always-on services and being ahead of the shifting communication services’ needs in the age of 5G and the 6G era at the door is imperative. How can situational awareness help you stay on top of the game? A hint: your kids already know the basic principles. Learn more in this blog.

Trends shaping towerco landscape: what to know

What are the trends that are changing the towerco landscape that we at Ericsson obeserve? The 5G era is ushering in a period of unheralded change in the telecommunications industry, and towercos are no exception. The deployment of 5G indoors and outdoors is proceeding at a rapid pace, and monetization of 5G remains a top priority for almost everyone in the space. All this is taking place against a backdrop of volatility in energy prices and uncertainty in real estate markets that is affecting global businesses and consumers alike.

Digital Twin digitalizes networks and sites in 3D

Traditionally, when networks require design, expansion, upgrade or maintenance, an engineer needs to collate data and translate it, resulting in longer time-to-market and the risk of losing real-time data. Find out how site digital twin can be a game-changer for how mobile networks are deployed, modernized and expanded.

Breaking free of traditional network rollout processes

With the introduction of 5G and cloud-based applications like virtualization, network deployment is becoming more complex and in need of revision. Ericsson Intelligent Deployment uses technologies like AI and ML to reduce 5G rollout complexity and offer communications service providers innovative ways to make more intelligent investment decisions.

Complete digitalization of telecom site lifecycle - take control now

Telecom site data and a full understanding of life cycle impact is key , it is required that the assets are not only digitalized, but also that the entire operational flow of the sites is digitalized – from design, build and operations to providing exposure and commercialization for customers and partners.

Ericsson & Far EasTone: Sustainable healthy Network

Learn how Service Continuity AI app suite supported a sustainable, healthy network and saved 25% energy in a collaboration with Far EasTone.

What does my network do when I don’t look at it?

Imagine deploying a software suite on your network that doesn't just address existing issues – Ericsson’s Service Continuity AI app suite thinks in data and continually teaches itself about your environment, solving problems you didn’t even know you had. What more could your network do if you think in data?

Interaction of AI and human guidance is crucial

ChatGPT and other generative AI solutions are now mainstream and trending in the top charts on platforms today. They are all great and are not far away from really strong AI. But are they advanced enough to be used in a Network, or do you need more sophisticated outcome-based AI solutions?

Evolving Network services portfolio

We integrate data insights with our expert knowledge to offer service providers what they need, from site design and engineering to continuous preemptive support and network optimization.

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