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Collaborate with Ericsson’s enterprise ecosystem

Ecosystem collaboration

Speed up innovation and scale effectively with Ericsson’s enterprise ecosystem, bringing together cross industry expertise, products and solutions. Our partners can help enterprises to accelerate digital transformation with cellular devices and integration, industry specific software and applications, as well as system integration and business advisory.

Our ecosystems

Industry 4.0 ecosystem

Partnerships to enable digital transformation and accelerate Industry 4.0. – devices to connect to the network, software to manage processes, and system integrators to bring it all together.

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IoT ecosystem

Active collaborations and partnerships to engage and embrace open IoT ecosystems with our cellular knowledge and capabilities, making IoT easy to adopt, use and scale for all players.

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Our ecosystem partners

Device and hardware

Machinery OEMs and companies providing chipsets, modules, gateways, sensors and IT infrastructure that enable or are enabled by cellular connectivity; suppliers of enabling SIM technologies.

Software and applications

Application developers, Independent software vendors (ISVs) and Hyperscale Cloud Providers developing and selling offerings that reside in any of the IT layers of the enterprise.

Professional services

System Integrators, business advisors and test houses with offerings and services for installing & running network, testing and certification, or end-to-end solutions and industry digitalization.