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Architecture is the foundation for communication networks

Architecture is the foundation for communication networks

Future network architecture

Good architecture forms the foundation of communication networks to meet the increasing needs from enterprises and others. This will require a horizontal architecture with a high level of programmabiliy and configurability.

The ability to support other industries is a major challenge for communication service providers going forward. Different needs apply to different industries as they go digital. The future network will need to evolve into a network platform that is characterized by its capability to instantaneously meet any application needs and offers a wide range of capabilities to all its users.

Network Capabilities

The evolution towards a cognitive network catering for instantaneous need of a growing set of services will depend on new technologies developing a growing set of capabilities.

Intent-driven management using cognitive technologies

Artificial Intelligence and MLOps

Network Reliability, Availability and Resilience

Traffic Classification and QoS

Service exposure

Network architecture domains

The network architecture needs to provide for various types of functionality and at the same time be able to deploy that functionality in different physical locations.


Management, Orchestration, Monetization

Access, Mobility & Network Applications

Cloud infrastructure, Transport and Data pipeline

Hyperscaler Implications to the Telecom Network Architecture

Network deployment

5G, 5G Advanced and 6G represent the largest innovation foundation for a growing number of areas of innovative business.

eXtended Reality(XR) in wide area public networks

Global Network Platform

Digital Airspace

Private and Local Dedicated Networks

Future network architecture

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