At Ericsson Sourcing, we seek to optimize efficiencies and deliver maximum value for our customers. We do this through our dedicated work to create and nurture relationships with partners and suppliers.

Sourcing excellence

Our relationships are essential to achieving our vision of the networked society, where every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential.

Products and services – as well as opportunities – in the ICT industry are becoming more complex and interrelated. Enabling an intelligent, sustainable and connected world through innovation and partnerships places greater demands and increased focus on supplier relations and capabilities.

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Responsible sourcing  

Ericsson Responsible Sourcing works to ensure that business is conducted responsibly across the supply chain. This includes auditing suppliers to make sure they comply with our Ericsson code of conduct. The result is risk mitigation for Ericsson, our suppliers and customers which in turn secures a commercial advantage for our business.

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