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Customer case: Learn from a real case how to deploy VoLTE in weeks

Deploying IMS for VoLTE in service provider networks has been a quite complex undertaking so far. Now you can deploy it in just weeks by using Ericsson's industrialized cloud-based solutions, which reduce VoLTE deployment time considerably. And you can see an example of a detailed customer case where a deployment was done in just a few weeks.

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Transform to a modern voice network

Transforming voice networks from circuit switched to packet switched IMS-based networks for VolLTE services has been a quite complex undertaking for service providers. Usually it has taken many months to get a mobile network ready for this. It may be a cumbersome task, but you know it has to be done to get a more modern system in place. With VoLTE in place in your network, you can provide a more modern voice user experience to your customers and be ready for enabling voice services on 5G smartphones.


VoLTE deployment made easy: do it in only weeks

To reduce the complexity of deploying IMS for VoLTE, Ericsson has learned from all its earlier VoLTE deployment experiences globally during the past years. We have now put together several new industrialized cloud-based VoLTE solutions that include the software, the hardware, and the system integration services to get a whole system deployed in a service provider environment in just weeks.

One of these solutions is the Ericsson Fast VoLTE Launch solution. It is an industrialized full-stack solution that has been developed for fast and smooth deployments, including automated management and automated testing.

In just 22 days, three sites and a multi-vendor end-to-end deployment was implemented with a European customer.

Download the customer case to get all the details!


Download customer case


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