5 tales of scary future technology!

Is it just me, or is technology getting creepier? Spook your friends this Halloween with these terrifying tech tales.

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Head of Social Media

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Historically, Halloween is a time for ghosts and gremlins, but today it’s technology that really gives us goosebumps. Throw a sheet over your head, grab a torch, and read our top tales of scary future technology.

Is it just your imagination? 

  • Virtual trick or treat: terror in VR The traditional fairground-style haunted house is now a relic of a former age. Thanks to VR technology, thrill seekers can now be fully immersed into their own horror story experience. Sounds just like an episode of Black Mirror, right? Well, it is. Find out what happened when I tried terrifying VR in this post.


  • It’s ALIVE! An AI Halloween horror tale It’s a cold, dark night. You’re the owner of a paperclip factory, and before you leave you head to the basement to check on your biggest investment: AI that maximizes the production of paperclips. The problem is, soon you’ll have too many. But will the AI allow you to stop it from doing its job? This creepy tale is based on a thought experiment by an Oxford University professor; read on to see what happens next.


Or are you being followed...

  • Fake news on social media Read a terrifying tale about trolls of a different kind. These lonely creatures dwell in dark digital underworlds and are filling your screens with disinformation. Is this dystopia or the new normal? Read the blog to find out.


  • Why targeted advertising is becoming creepy We implicitly trust a lot of technology without actually understanding it. No one ever questions how a fridge works, but when people talk to their friend about a trip to South America, and the next day see an ad promoting flights to Brazil, they become suspicious. Should we be? Read more.


  • Why Alexa won’t have the last laugh Do you remember when people’s Alexas started to creepily giggle all by themselves last year? Since then Amazon have reprogrammed her so she can’t do it again, but we could still be in for more surprises. Don’t believe us? Check the post.


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