Zero-touch is coming

Until recently networks have been designed solely for operation by humans. But that’s about to change. As automation and AI technologies improve, zero-touch networks of the future will soon be able to automatically determine which actions to take with minimal human intervention. Read on to learn why employing trustworthy AI technologies is a good thing for everyone.

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Research Director AI

Research Director AI

The overall aim of zero-touch networks is for machines to learn how to become more autonomous so that we can delegate complex, mundane tasks to them.


It frees up more time for humans to do what we're good at - performing more complex tasks that require deeper understanding. Indeed, network complexity has increase beyond human capacity, increasing the need for AI and automation. Utilizing zero-touch networks saves time, reduces cost and decreases complexity.

A system that is capable of learning how to perform a sequence of tasks is useful in almost every scenario. As an example to highlight a safety aspect, we would like to avoid our employees climbing towers as much as possible. After all, it can be dangerous.

Automating site inspection using Intelligent Drones is one such example of how adoption of AI and machine learning can help reduce risk.

As the industry develops its virtualized network offerings to support 5G deployments the concept of zero-touch is becoming increasingly important. But what are the requirements needed by ICT players to support the end-to-end zero-touch network and service management of a multi-vendor environment?

Getting all this working is a major challenge. Ericsson are here to help.

Our domain expertise allows us to leverage the best out of AI technology. We're industry leaders in AI and machine learning for telecom network platforms. Our goal is to empower people and machines to transform engineered networks into continuous learning networks. In the future, we envision self-adapting, scalable and intelligent agents will work alongside human experts to improve quality and increase the pace of decision-making.

At Mobile World Congress February 25-28, 2019 in Barcelona, Spain we presented our vision of the future and highlighted the many benefits of zero-touch. Guests to our demo floor were able to try live demos.

If you want to learn more about zero-touch you should join our webcast "Efficient operations with automation and AI"

Watch it and find out more about what we are exploring within the field of zero-touch networks of the future. Ericsson CTO Erik Ekudden hosted the webcast, and was joined by Farjola Peco, Director Technology Strategy, alongside other guests.

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