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Join Ericsson at Automate 2023

Join Ericsson at Automate 2023

Making manufacturing smarter: Connecting machines, people and data

Automate 2023

May 22, 2023 09:00
to May 25, 2023 18:00 (local time)
Huntington Place Convention Center
Detroit, Michigan USA

See Ericsson and Cradlepoint showcase private network solutions that are accelerating Industry 4.0 digital transformation and creating smart, flexible operations.


Explore our booth demos:

Industry 4.0 introduces new ways for manufacturers to take advantage of data, such as remote real time monitoring of assets and optimization of equipment, all available through the integration and use of digital twins. By serving as a virtual counterpart to a physical machine, digital twins collect historical and real time data from the physical twin, improving system efficiency, increasing asset uptime, and lowering maintenance costs. This demo delivers a multi perspective experience where we’ll visualize how a small autonomous vehicle drives and operates in the digital twin together with position-based avatars. With the use of 5G and AI at the edge, intelligence will be visualized from multiple devices and sensor data.

Identifying and understanding where errors can occur in manufacturing operations is critical to ensuring efficiency, automation and productivity. This demonstration details 5G use cases for smart manufacturing, providing an in-depth overview of high priority manufacturing applications (digital twins, asset condition monitoring, autonomous mobile robots, collaborative robots and augmented reality), customer references, industry data points and an ROI value calculator, creating a better understanding to an intelligent approach for Industrial IoT.

5G technology means fast, secure and reliable connectivity in your business-critical operations. Ericsson Private 5G provides a pre-configured product with the ability to deliver the same features as public 4G and 5G networks but with additional security and privacy combined with ease of purchase and deployment. This demonstration features Ericsson Private 5G with specifically designed use cases for manufacturing and its associated benefits.

For smaller industrial settings, Cradlepoint’s NetCloud coupled with Cradlepoint’s Wireless WAN enables cloud-based management, software defined network technologies, enterprise-class routing and security, along with robust analytics and insights – all through a single platform. This demo showcases cellular IoT connectivity solutions in a 5G warehouse environment to transform more contained factories into smart spaces, while creating an ecosystem capable of rapid scale, customization, and adaptation.

Using an immersive surface, this demonstration communicates the challenges manufacturers often face, including skilled labor shortages, employee safety, and sustainability needs and then build use cases to address these obstacles. Together using Ericsson’s broad partner ecosystem, the Enterprise Wireless Solutions Explorer allows customers to explore the portfolio to present an end-to-end solution.

Meet our leaders on site

Jan Diekmann

Jan Diekmann

Technical Account Manager, Manufacturing

David Hart

David Hart

Manufacturing Practice Leader

Per Treven, Business Development Director, Manufacturing, Ericsson

Per Treven

Manufacturing Practice Leader

Sindhu Laljani, Customer Solutions Sales Director

Sindhu Laljani

Customer Solutions Sales Director

Vish Kolur, Sr Solution Sales Director

Viswanath Kolur

Sr Solution Sales Director

Dustin LaMascus, Vice President, Enterprise & Emerging Business, Digital Industries

Dustin LaMascus

Vice President, Enterprise & Emerging Business, Digital Industries

Hear our experts speak

Learn from our speaker sessions addressing current topics in smart manufacturing

Monday, May 22

2:45 PM - 3:15 PM 

Tuesday, May 23

2:30 PM – 3:15 PM

Thursday, May 25

9:00 AM – 9:45 AM  

How to Identify and Prioritize the Smart Factory 5G-Enabled Use Cases that Deliver Sizable Impact – A Case Study

David Hart
Manufacturing Practice Leader

Autonomous Mobile Robots: Enabling Smart Mobile Robots Using 5G Private Networks – A Case Study

Per Treven
Manufacturing Practice Leader

Keynote: How the 5G innovation Platform is Enabling the Next Generation of Lean Production

Jan Diekmann
Technical Account Manager, Ericsson

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