What's next for compute and storage?

Advanced use cases and the slowing down of Moore's Law look set to shake things up.

Network compute fabric

Industry transformation and cyber-physical systems both demand a universal network compute fabric to handle massive amounts of data, provide extremely low latency, and ease programmability and operation within a continuum of execution environments, from devices to the network edge to local and central data centers.

Trends and insights

An introduction to quantum computer technology

The compute power required for many automated, real-time decision-making tasks surpasses the capabilities of even the most state-of-the-art devices available today. One solution could come in the form of quantum computer technology.

Intent-aware clouds

In time, cloud computing will evolve beyond edge architecture. Everything from data centers to the smallest of devices will become one universal compute fabric for distributed applications, blurring the lines between devices, edge architecture, and cloud platforms.

Saranyu: Building a virtual services marketplace with smart contracts

How can we construct a marketplace for virtual services using blockchain smart contracts hosted in a cloud data center or distributed cloud? Such a marketplace would support matching buyers and sellers of “anything as a service” (XaaS) or, at least, anything that can be offered on a virtual platform.

An intent-aware, unified network compute fabric will be programmable based on high-level business objectives. State-of-the-art advancements in computing, operating systems and programming models on one hand, and extremely low network latency on the other hand, will all be accommodated. The network compute fabric will provide a much needed flexible and programmable execution environment for data-intensive and latency-sensitive industrial use cases.

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