Global IoT cases

Global IoT cases

Explore why enterprise customers of all sizes choose Ericsson and our CSP network to address IoT connectivity needs anywhere around the world.

Our customer IoT cases

Cellular connectivity is what’s connecting devices around the globe and helping to power digital transformation of businesses the world over.

Reports that calculate the ROI for cellular IoT cases

Connected EV charging

The market for electricity-powered vehicles is booming and is expected shift into a higher gear as the EU plans to ban production of fossil-fueled cars by 2035. Our report examines how cellular IoT connectivity plays a crucial role in the orchestration, administration, and maintenance of EV charging stations.

Connected buildings

The report explores the business value and climate impact resulting from IoT-enabled digital control of buildings to monitor, control and optimize energy usage – enabling property owners to decrease energy costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing their property value.

Connected truck transport

Cellular IoT is transforming the transport and logistics industry. This use case study explores the advantages of an IoT-enabled digital fleet solution for a mid-sized trucking company along with a look at how Ericsson’s global, unified IoT Accelerator platform is powering connectivity management for telematics provider ZF and its Transics portfolio.

Connected cars

This report investigates the challenges automotive manufacturers face regarding new services, monetization, data, regulations and cost. Explore three, real-life use cases demonstrating how 5G cellular is powering the complete change in business models, automotive capabilities and the entire transportation experience.

Connected coffee machines

WMF Group created a competitive edge in a crowded market by serving up reliable global connectivity and transitioning from simply supplying products to providing digital services. This report shares how cellular connectivity enables digital vending solutions that monitor conditions, create new revenue streams and ultimately impact ROI.

Connected micromobility

Micromobility is reshaping cities with a more accessible and sustainable approach to transportation. The industry, including its service layer, is heavily reliant upon cellular connectivity. We partnered with European micromobility provider, Voi, to help operators better understand the challenges ahead and the opportunities created by cellular IoT.

IoT cases

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