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IoT use cases building the IoT foundation

Sprint’s IoT Platform

With Ericsson IoT technology under the hood, this innovative end-to-end solution ushers in a new standard of IoT device and data management.

Built with Massive IoT opportunities

In China, we connected the world's first IoT factory-automating and streamlining production, showing the benefits that Massive IoT are worth investing in.

e-kakashi, dig into agricultural IoT

The Japanese word “kakashi” translates to “scarecrow”, but the e-kakashi platform does much more than scare off pests. Using AI, IoT and cloud technology, e-kakashi helps farmers maintain an ideal growing environment for any crop.

The road to the Cloud

With this IoT use case we’re helping one of America’s fastest growing cities manage their traffic growth while also increasing driver safety.

Building a smart traffic ecosystem

Traveling across the Netherlands in all forms of transport is becoming easier and more enjoyable. At the same time, the government is saving on infrastructure and enabling private sector innovation. Learn how we make traveling across the Netherlands easier and more profitable - the Talking Traffic project.

IoT Monetization

Ericsson and du, a telecommunications operator based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, have partnered to accelerate digitalization in the region by deploying innovative solutions that enable faster introduction of new Internet of Things (IoT) services.

LYNK & CO - A car for the connected generation

Ericsson and LYNK & CO are collaborating on a cloud-based solution with endless opportunities to personalize, enrich and expand the automobile experience.

Massive IoT saves lives

Many citizens are asking what more authorities can do to keep people safe. In collaboration with China Mobile and the China Geological Survey Institute, Ericsson is demonstrating how massive IoT can be used to save lives through disaster monitoring and early warnings

Connecting water quality sensors to the cloud

Clean and healthy water is a basic human right. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No 6 is to improve the quality of water, so that everyone has access to clean water by 2030.

IoT Platform with China Telecom

The China Telecom IoT Open Platform enables enterprises to deploy, control and scale the management of IoT devices through partnerships.

Connected Mangroves Ericsson

Ericsson’s Connected Mangroves project, combines cloud, machine-to-machine and mobile broadband to help the local community in Selangor, Malaysia, to better manage the growth of new mangrove saplings.

Ericsson DCP Platform, our customer Orange testify

The Ericsson Device Connection Platform is an IoT connectivity management platform that enables enterprises to effectively manage connectivity on a global scale through out the full device lifecycle.

Connected water – AT&T

AT&T and Ericsson trial low cost connected sensors that highlight how new mobile technologies could help safeguard the environment and the supply of vital natural resources, such as water.

SKF Smart factory

The smart manufacturing project is enabling Martin Friis and his team at SKF’s world-class factory to radically transform manufacturing, and provide competitive advantage by introducing fundamental changes to the way industries operate.

We've got the X-Factory: Ericsson smart factories

Three Ericsson factories in Sweden, Estonia and China are fast-tracking the introduction of a new generation of smart manufacturing using 5G, IoT and augmented reality.

Partnerships: growing the IoT Ecosystem

Making ADAS/AD a reality

Ericsson and Veoneer are collaborating to build trust in mobility and enable new automotive services.

Partnerships for IoT healthcare

Delivering a global connectivity solution requires an ecosystem of operator and enterprise partners

Driving the future of transport with 5G

Speed and reliability are vital to realizing the potential of vehicle-to-vehicle communication. Find out how we partner with Scania to make it happen.

Providing rapid relief in crises

In a crisis situation, such as the aftermath of an earthquake, tsunami or civil war, displaced people usually have an urgent need for essential provisions, such as food, water, clothing and shelter.

Partnering with Icomera to provide Wi-Fi on Deutsche Bahn high-speed trains

While travelling at speeds up to 300 km/h, German rail passengers now enjoy excellent connectivity via Ericsson's services.

Connected Vehicle Marketplace provides the structure for Scania One

Scania is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, including heavy trucks and buses. With the launch of their Scania One platform, they are the first of our partners to use Connected Vehicle Marketplace in commercial vehicles.

Partnerships built on innovation

With the goal of creating connected cars that make life safer, more efficient and more entertaining, Ericsson and Volvo established a partnership in late 2012. Since that time, we have built a relationship which allows each partner to focus on their individual strengths, enabling rapid co-innovation.

Drive Sweden - A new approach to mobility

Ericsson is one of the key partners of Drive Sweden - a Strategic Innovation Program launched by the Swedish government that gathers the best in the area – from all sectors of society.

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