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Manage IoT monetization

Seize IoT opportunities with Ericsson's IoT Monetization

Future Internet of Things use cases are only limited by our imaginations. However, many businesses are already enjoying new revenue streams from emerging IoT services. 

Do you have a monetization engine to make these business models come alive?

Monetization is among the most challenging aspect when moving into IoT, often due to legacy business models. The complexity of the ecosystem requires an agile and flexible business model to create a revenue-generating solution set-up. Ericsson helps businesses monetize IoT opportunities for any industry, any business model and any revenue stream.

Monetizing IoT is challenging

Key functionalities

Full ecosystem overview

Get on top of your ecosystem with full control over revenue streams.

Service and relationship agnostic billing and settlement aaS (as-a-service)

aaS delivery enables price-per-use pricing for any service, any business model and any industry.

Accelerate your IoT offering roll-out

Agile billing and settlement set-up and configuration both reduce TTM.

Thriving in IoT through flexible monetization

Does your business have agile monetization and partnership management to succeed in a digitalized world? Read analyst firm Frost & Sullivan’s insights on how Ericsson’s Enterprise and Cloud Billing is moving monetization from a back-office necessity to a front-end business capability.

Download the Frost & Sullivan report now

Key benefits

Accelerate IoT

Accelerate IoT offering rollout

Monetize ecosystem

Monetize the multi-partner ecosystem and enable channel business models

IoT billing

IoT billing & settlement aaS with agile  configuration for reduced TTM

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To keep up with the rapid pace of IoT growth in your industry, we provide a standardized and proven platform for development, deployment and continued support of your IoT solutions. From a quick start implementation to long-term growth, Ericsson is here to support you in accelerating and monetizing your IoT offerings. Book your personal IoT Accelerator demonstration today.

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