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IoT for industries

Connecting industry sectors such as mining, automotive, smart metering, logistics, factories and warehouses can boost the industry’s efficiency, safety, reliability and ultimately profitability. Cellular connectivity may give you the competitive advantage you need. Can you afford to remain on the sidelines while competitors get connected?


Ericsson IoT cellular technologies enable industries and enterprises to launch connected products reliably and securely with speed and scale anywhere in the world. Industries and enterprises can connect the site where production takes place, such as a factory, or industries and enterprises can connect the products themselves.

Cellular connectivity as a catalyst for industry transformation

Digital transformation depends on the successful adoption of many new technologies. A wireless future, built on fast, reliable and secure cellular connectivity, helps enterprises and industries accelerate their ambitions to transform.

Smart Manufacturing

Automated manufacturing requires fast, reliable and secure cellular connectivity.

Smart Warehousing

Improved warehouse automation with a dedicated cellular network effects overall efficiency.

Mining operations

Providing safer working environments can be addressed with cellular connectivity.

Connected vehicles

Cars are no longer about driving, it’s about connecting it to the cloud.

IoT for industries cases

Smart meters

Telia removes barriers for smart grids by enabling massive cellular IoT for millions of smart meters.

Car connectivity

Borgward relaunched its vehicles in its European home market leveraging the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) for connected car capabilities.

Smart factory

Combining cellular IoT and Industry 4.0, the Nanjing located Ericsson Panda factory is continuously exploring ways to optimize manufacturing processes.

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