Create new opportunities for growth with IoT

IoT for service providers

Create new opportunities for growth by deciding your IoT path as a service provider. Do you want to build the network and help enterprises connect devices? Do you want to address less complex devices or focus on more advanced cases and what kind of network is needed?


As a service provider, you play an essential role in developing the network. Finding the most appropriate role along the value chain can help you maximize IoT opportunities.

Potential roles

Ericsson has identified a communications service provider (CSP) IoT strategies positioning framework as a guide to help identify your current role and potential roles in the value chain.

Network Providers and Connectivity Providers are the core roles for CSPs today, and this is where most of their IoT-related revenue is generated. Understanding the network capabilities and the needs of the different market segments can help find a new role in the value chain.

  • Tap in to new opportunities within industries. Learn more about Ericsson’s cellular IoT solutions.
  • Want to enable enterprises to connect products to create new services? We have an IoT platform to help you. 

IoT Service Enablers provide platform services and connectivity for the IoT ecosystem. CSPs can play a vital role in advancing this ecosystem. In combination with the IoT platform which provides the required functionality and connectivity, IoT ecosystem players can realize their business models. Without this connectivity, there’s no IoT ecosystem at all. Read more about IoT business modeling.

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