Massive MIMO boosts network throughput

5G New Radio on FDD

How to quickly add capacity and boost network throughput with FDD Massive MIMO


We move towards a world where video is at the heart of all apps and services, with wider use of video, greater demands for quality, VR, AR and 3D. Operators need to squeeze out more capacity from existing spectrum, thereby boosting the spectral efficiency and user experience.

Our expanded 5G portfolio now includes a new FDD radio capable of supporting 4G/LTE, 5G and Massive MIMO. Let us show you how to increase the network capacity with up to three times, and boost the user throughput with up to five times, using today’s mid-bands spectrum, serving needs and demands of today’s video intense lifestyle and be ready for 5G.

Ericsson Radio System supporting your future now

With changing usage patterns and data consumption growing at 70% yearly, networks need to be fit for today and for what’s next. Our system support both 4G and 5G, enabling operators the smoothest migration possible from 4G to their 5G futures, using the same hardware.

Faster data to each user with Massive MIMO

Faster data to each user with Massive MIMO

Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) utilizes multiple antenna arrays and spatial diversity to create multiple transmission channels. By increasing the number of channels, or layers, within the available spectrum, network capacity is boosted and faster data throughput to each individual user is achieved.

Complete FDD and TDD portfolio

Complete FDD and TDD portfolio

FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) separates uplink and downlink and has seamless interoperability with TDD. Our Massive MIMO implementation will directly enable today’s FDD devices to benefit from beamforming. Then as standards evolve, the FDD benefit will continue to increase with a capacity gain of up to three times and boost the user throughput with up to five times.

AIR 3246 enables Massive MIMO on FDD

AIR 3246 enables Massive MIMO on FDD

5G NR radio AIR 3246, part of Ericsson Radio System, is the latest addition to our comprehensive radio product portfolio for 5G. AIR 3246 enables Massive MIMO on FDD. With the continuously growing capacity needs in metropolitan areas, operators want to move quickly and cost-efficiently adding LTE capacity with scalability to 5G. 

"Just as carrier aggregation has been key to adding needed capacity to mobile broadband networks, Massive MIMO has the potential to be the primary capacity enabler in the next upgrade phase, providing a smooth transition towards 5G. With an expected 2021 installed base of 10M LTE macro radios in high traffic and metro areas, service providers are expected to capitalize on the improved spectral efficiency made possible with Massive MIMO.". Stefan Pongratz, Senior Director, Dell’Oro Group

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Learn more about Massive MIMO and our latest radio innovation, part of the Ericsson Radio System, AIR 3246 (Antenna Integrated Radio) which supports 5G and Massive MIMO. Speakers: Kenth Höglund, Strategic Product Manager and Fadi Hannah, Product Marketing Manager

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Have you taken the first steps on the road to 5G transformation? That road travels through uncharted territory, but you don’t have to travel alone.

5G Radio System

All components of the 5G platform is in place, we are making our system truly end-to-end with the new products we are introducing. With two new 5G Radios, AIR 6488 and AIR 5121 that, together with the AIR 6468, launched 2016, give us a complete portfolio of 5G radios for Massive MIMO with new mid-band and high-band versions.

5G Core

With the 5G Core System we have built an architecture that is highly flexible, modular, and scalable. It supports a much higher degree of programmability and is ready to exist in a cloud-based environment. We help you to quickly react to new challenges and capture any business opportunity that arise.

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