Elena Fersman

Elena Fersman

Dr. Elena Fersman is head of research area Artificial Intelligence at Ericsson Research as well as Adjunct professor at KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm in the area of Cyber-Physical Systems specialized in automation, in the division of Mechatronics at the department of Machine Design.

Elena holds a PhD in computer science from Uppsala University and worked as a postdoc at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan.

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"Now to my biggest passion – technology. Working with Artificial Intelligence is fun – it's broad and deep and can be applied to so many things. And one of the things that fascinate me most is that AI technology is inspired by humans and nature. This means that whatever humans found to be successful in their lives and in evolutionary processes can be used when creating new algorithms. Diversity, inclusion, balance, and flexibility are very important here as well, with respect to data and knowledge, and diversity, organizations are for sure better equipped for creating responsible algorithms. In the era of big data, let's make sure we don't discriminate the small data."

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