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Ericsson and Intel partnership in 5G and Cloud

Taking mobile communications to the next level through collaboration in the areas of 5G and Cloud


Ericsson-Intel Tech Hub

The Ericsson-Intel Tech Hub focuses on the benefits that Ericsson Cloud RAN and Intel technology can bring to: improving energy efficiency and network performance, reducing time to market, and monetizing new business opportunities such as enterprise applications.  The center is based in Ericsson’s D-15 facility in Santa Clara and is already operational.

Ericsson Cloud RAN

Ericsson and Intel collaborate to leverage Intel's accelerator technology in Ericsson Cloud RAN with a multi-generational approach to secure high-density capacity solutions for 5G mid-band deployments.

Ericsson Cloud Infrastructure

Ericsson and Intel collaborate to create customer value and take advantage of each other’s strengths to deliver leading edge and competitive solutions to the telecommunications market. Technical collaboration projects related to Ericsson cloud infrastructure platforms and Intel hardware and software components are continuously agreed and executed.


Did you know that high performance of 5G mid-band demands massive processing capacity capabilities? Hear from Eric Parsons, Head of Ericsson Cloud RAN R&D on our collaboration with Intel to address this challenge.

Eric Parsons, Head of Ericsson Cloud RAN R&D, along with Cristina Rodriguez, VP Data Center Group, and special guests from HPE and Red Hat on high-performing Cloud RAN at Fierce Wireless Open RAN Summit

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