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Licensing on FRAND terms

We are part of a thriving ecosystem of innovators that provides others with access to our technology. Our objective is to allow the world to benefit from our cutting-edge innovations, constantly pushing the curve of what the industry can do.

Getting a fair return on our R&D investment when another company uses our standardized technology means we can keep investing in research and bring out new ideas, new standards, and new platforms for the benefit of all. Anyone can access our technologies at a fair and reasonable rate, and this is at the heart of how Ericsson licenses its patents.

What is FRAND? Take a closer look at how we provide fair access via FRAND licensing terms. 

FRAND - Fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory

Ericsson supports licensing on fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms, known as FRAND, ensuring a healthy ecosystem for the future. These licensing terms support ‘deep standardization’ and allow for scalable manufacturing, thereby lowering prices for consumers. FRAND licensing has an established history of global market success because innovative companies that are compensated through patent royalties are then able to reinvest in the next generation of technology, unlocking the latest digital experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Investing in the future of communications

Why the telecoms industry is different

In contrast to some industries where patents are primarily used to exclude other companies from a market, patents play an active role in developing the telecommunications industry through standardization and licensing. Members of standardization bodies, such as the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), voluntarily commit to license any essential patents they hold on FRAND licensing terms.

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Collaborate, share, inform

When companies come together in mutual trust to exchange ideas, FRAND licensing is key to making this happen.

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