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Network Planning


5G is driving an explosion in data traffic, with more nodes than ever to launch and control. New applications require shorter time to market and networks that are ready for deploying new use cases – for both consumers and enterprises. To reach their operational and financial objectives and capture as much value as possible Service Providers need to plan their network for optimal performance and return on investment.

Network Planning uses leading AI algorithms to analyze enormous pool of live traffic data and enable Service Providers to transform manual, reactive processes to proactive and data driven. This makes it possible to plan the network with surgical precision and the right balance between network investments, user experience and performance. Network Planning services also support the development of long-term network strategies, introduction of new technologies...



Accurately plan for expansions and boost performance.


End-to-end network planning with vendor agnostic capabilities.


Long-term view with immediate actionable insights.

Cognitive technology

Cognitive software provides a unique blend of network optimization knowledge with advanced AI technologies, designed to truly unleash the full potential of next-generation networks.

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