Radio System Solutions

Ericsson Radio System tailor-made solutions for multiple radio technologies and use cases.        

Ericsson's Radio System portfolio offers many strong and attractive solutions that benefit all radio access technologies. Radio System Solutions bring together tailor-made parts from the RAN domain to improve the user experience in all possible deployment scenarios.


Energy efficient

Multi-standard energy efficient solutions


Tailor-made solutions for hot spots as well as for rural coverage

Software focus

Pure software-enabled spectrum sharing

Our range of products
Gigabit LTE

Allows operators meet the need for LTE capacity as users quickly consume at a high pace.

Lean Carrier

A software upgrade for mobile networks that uses the ultra-lean design concepts developed for 5G.

Licensed-Assisted Access

An LTE feature that leverages the free 5 GHz unlicensed band in combination with licensed spectrum.

Shared Carrier

Enables LTE and GSM or WCDMA to overlap in the same spectrum with automatic and instant use of spectrum.

Energy Efficiency

Intelligent RAN energy-saving software features that help operators to reduce energy consumption.

Rural Coverage

Enables operators to cost effectively deploy MBB using all their spectrum assets across the network.