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Mission Critical Networks

Firefighter using AR-assisted situational awareness

Ericsson's Mission Critical Networks offerings are built with the same infrastructure components as commercial networks, spanning areas such as radio, core networking infrastructure, network management, operational and business support systems, expert analytics, security and services. It includes enhanced features and capabilities to ensure mission-critical grade performance in the following five areas: Network availability, Multi-network operation, Coverage and capacity, Security and hardening, and QoS, priority and preemption.

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The 3GPP open standards and their global scale are quintessential to LTE and 5G in providing cost-effective communications for both commercial and...


3GPP leadership

Using full Ericsson standard 4G and 5G portfolio suit, enhanced with Mission Critical functions following 3GPP standards. Including innovation in areas like MCPTT (+eMBMS), security or Automation.

Critical broadband capabilities

Solutions that guarantee critical network performance and can meet the tough communication requirements of business-critical and mission-critical networks

Global presence

Ericsson is serving 3GPP networks in the 5 continents, with a rich suite of services portfolio adapted to Mission Critical users, use cases & service levels.

Public safety

The public safety sector relies on innovative technologies to shield citizens from preventable injuries and dangers.

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The future of rail depends on reliable critical mobile broadband connectivity for faster, safer and greener travel.

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