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Ericsson Mobility Report - Business Review 2024

Ericsson Mobility Report

Business Review 2024

What’s driving 5G revenue growth?

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As 5G deployments continue at pace worldwide, discover what’s next for the telecom industry as we explore the latest business insights and opportunities in our articles.

The 5G business horizons

Four distinct business horizons are emerging in the mobile industry.

The first horizon of 5G growth emphasizes a superior and more efficient version of 4G, known as enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB). The second horizon focuses on Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) and wireless WAN (WWAN) opportunities. The third horizon is the differentiated connectivity solution opportunity. Finally, the fourth horizon comprises a strong device ecosystem and ubiquitous, reliable and high-performance networks.

This report includes the latest insights and findings from different service providers covering activities across all four horizons.

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The 5G business horizons

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Featured articles

Challenging market landscape for service providers

Surging inflation has caused an increase in operational costs, but also contributed to revenue growth.

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A staircase to successful monetization of 5G to consumers

Service aggregation and experience-based connectivity are the next steps to enabling effective differentiation and monetization of 5G, following baseline connectivity.

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How US providers compete with dual-play broadband strategies

In the US, 5G mobile service providers are capturing over 90 percent of fixed broadband net additional subscriptions with FWA.

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Boosting value with speed-tiered FWA

FWA value creation is achieved by combining additional revenues, reduced opex and optimized capex shared with mobile broadband.

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Partnerships with content providers can unlock new business models

Service providers are using five partnership models with content providers.

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How leveraging network APIs can create value and monetization opportunities

The go-to-market strategy for exposing network APIs depends on segment type, use cases and geographical reach.

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5G private networks enhance industry productivity

The fastest way to improve business productivity with 5G private networks is to deploy it over large coverage areas and for high-mobility use cases.

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Ericsson Mobility Report

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