Delegation from Taiwan visits LM Ericsson

In 1957 the first contract with Taiwan Railways was signed, this one for the delivery of a CTC system. In 1982 an office was opened in Taipei that still serves as the head office. Five years later Terico was formed with capital from Ericsson and the Taiwanese company TECOM. Terico was restructured in 1990 and called Ericsson Taiwan Ltd. Eighty percent of the company is owned by Ericsson and remained by Taiwanese companies. In 1998, Ericsson Taiwan Ltd had 302 employees.

In 1988 the first contract for the analogue system AMPS was signed, a system that continued to expand during the first half of the 1990s. Four years later the corporate exchange system MD 110 was sold to KLM Taiwan and the following year the first DECT system was sold to the Sunrise Golf Club. In 1994 what at that time was the world’s largest private radio system called the Ericsson Digital Access Communications System (EDACS) was sold to NPA. The system comprised 35 000 micro-telephones (handsets) and 15 000 mobile units. 

The first mobile telephones were distributed on Taiwan in 1995 and after a year, the GSM telephones had gains a 20 percent market share. This share increased to 35 % in 1997, the same year as deregulation of the Taiwanese market began. In addition, by 1999 Ericsson had supplied equipment to three of the country’s seven mobile operators.

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