Connectivity drives the future of the car

Claes Herlitz, VP, Head of Connected Services, Ericsson

Vice President and Head of Global Automotive Services

Vice President and Head of Global Automotive Services

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Connectivity drives the future of the car

Ericsson is revving up to attend the Financial Times’ Future of the Car Summit 2019 in London. While there, our team will be onsite and participating in several presentations and panels. We are looking forward to the exchange of ideas in an area in which we’ve developed deep expertise through working with our partners like Einride on the advancements that will drive the future of vehicles.

Connectivity - driving the industry

The automotive industry has been at the forefront of putting the benefits of Industry 4.0 to good use. Innovators like Einride are creating self-driving, electric trucks without driver cockpits, which rely on data insights to operate. Others are using technology to take the driving experience to the next level. At the heart of all these incredible advancements is cellular connectivity, 5G in particular. And making connectivity easy is one of the things that Ericsson does best.

The industry is in the midst of a rapid transformation, as well as disruption. Vehicles are becoming connected, electrified and more automated. This is prompting a competitive race to develop and launch new vehicles, services and capabilities. Self-driving vehicles are one of the more exciting and interesting areas in this space. With hopes of operating with little or no human intervention, fast 5G connectivity is required for the exchange of data that will safely, and legally, drive these cars and trucks with remote control. Visitors to the Ericsson booth at Mobile World Congress 2019 were able to experience 5G connectivity while they remotely drove Einride’s T-Pod truck.

Manage complexity

Ericsson has focused on making connectivity easy with three main goals - We believe that vehicle connectivity should be easy to use, easy to implement and easy to manage. Thanks to our technology leadership in cellular technology, Ericsson is helping to reshape the automotive industry landscape, with connectivity as the game-changing component enabling OEMs to adapt to a new world by improving services and creating new ones. Fueling it all is our Connected Vehicle Cloud, which is the most complete connected vehicle platform in the global automotive industry.

Enable innovation

We are excited to discuss these important themes in London and how Connected Vehicle Services and 5G connectivity are enabling ecosystem’s players to fuel incredible innovation, like self-driving vehicles. OEMs and automakers are developing incredible services and capabilities that will help businesses run their fleets more efficiently, and unleashing features and functionality that will delight consumers and enhance the driving experience.

Watch our latest automotive webinar in which we discuss how to stay focused on business innovation when managing the complexity of connected vehicle services.

At this year’s Future of the Car Summit, we will be participating in three presentations:

  • Claes Herlitz, Vice President and Head of Connected Vehicles, will present a keynote, “Transforming Transportation with Connected Automation” on May 14th at 10:30am

  • Konstantin Zervas, Director of Business Development, Connected Vehicles will participate in a panel discussion, “Ericsson presents MobilityXlab panel on ‘smart mobility collaborations between established companies and startups’” along with leaders from MobilityXlab (moderator), Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Veoneer, Ekkono Solutions and Viscando on May 15 at 11:20am. 

  • Magnus Gunnarsson, Head of Strategy, Portfolio and Business Development for IoT Connected Vehicles will participate in a panel discussion on “The Connected Car” along with Micheline Casey, Global Head of Data at Ford Smart Mobility and Timothy Waltneil, Chief Operating Officer at Toyota Connected Europe on May 15 at 3:30pm. The panel will be moderated by Amanda Stretton, race driver and Motoring Editor,

We hope you will attend these sure to be informative discussions. See you in London!

For more information about how to get into the driver’s seat with automotive connectivity, please visit here

If you want the details about Ericsson’s participation at FT Future of the Car Summit.

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