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connected car digitalization

Navigating digitalization

Automakers and fleet operators are embracing connectivity and entering the service ecosystem to remain competitive.

Connected vehicles

Are you ready to stand out in the world of new mobility? Ericsson can support you to amplify your brand's unique personality and strengthen your position on the automotive market. Ericsson makes digital services and global connectivity easy for vehicle manufacturers and mobility providers. Let’s take this journey together.

Four automotive megatrends

There are four automotive megatrends now shaping the future of connected vehicles. We’ve given these trends the acronym CARE for connected, automated, redefined, and electric. We help automakers in adapting to these trends with the right technologies and services, and we help connectivity service providers to support automakers in providing the connectivity and services needed.


Connected vehicles sit at the center of the transportation ecosystem


Self-driving vehicles are changing our cities and societies


Business models are being created - now's your chance to act


Cleaner energy leads to cleaner transportation and cleaner cities

Automotive industry gets connected

Supporting the software-defined vehicle

  • Facilitating the digital transformation of the connected vehicle, connecting over 20 million vehicles across 150 countries across our portfolio
  • Helping vehicle manufacturers leverage cloud & connectivity since 2012
  • Offering Connected Vehicle Cloud – a connected vehicle platform purpose-built for automotive manufacturers
  • Offering Universal Connectivity for Automotive - making global connectivity easier for automotive OEMs
  • Offering IoT Accelerator - enabling enterprises to easily deploy, manage and scale their global IoT business from a unified SIM orchestration platform

An ecosystem in transformation

Leading car manufacturers and Communications Service Providers (CSPs), Volvo, Audi, Toyota, TIM, and Telstra, describe the importance of connectivity in cars and the ecosystem required to support connected vehicles. 

As a trusted technology partner in automotive, Ericsson provides connected vehicle services to support the growing connected car ecosystem and infrastructure, as well as the development towards 5G.

Connected cars for vehicle manufacturers

These category leaders have partnered with Ericsson to develop pioneering connected vehicle experiences.

Einride - sustainable, self-driving trucks powered by 5G

Ericsson, Einride and Telia partner to show driverless trucks are one step closer to being safe for public roads

A history of collaboration with Toyota

We’re collaborating with Toyota and the AECC to define the future network of connected vehicles.

Towards Zero: Creating safer roads with cellular V2X

Leveraging the existing cellular network, C-V2X communications have the potential to transform our roads and make them safer for everyone – here’s how. 

World-first 5G-assisted ADAS use cases

Connected vehicles benefit from a large variety of 4G-enabled services. Some are directly experienced by the drivers and passengers, such as connected mobility services and infotainment

Improving transportation with Scania

In it for the long haul - Scania and Ericsson explore new paths to efficiency, safety and sustainability.

Building trust with Veoneer

Our partnership with Veoneer is making safe and reliable ADAS and autonomous driving a reality.

Featured insights

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IoT for automotive

Our CSP Partners for IoT

Explore the community of leading Communications Service Providers (CSPs) offering IoT connectivity services around the world. With a combined footprint covering over 100 countries, our CSP partners can address the global IoT connectivity needs of any enterprise anywhere.

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In this ConsumerLab report we have gathered the thoughts and sentiments of commuters from 16 major city’s and represents the opinions of 130 million smartphone users globally.

Blog post | Consumer trends in the automotive industry: Is this the end of the consumer car?

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