Connected Vehicle Cloud - Assisted Driving

Connected Vehicle Cloud - Assisted Drive

Assisted Drive and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Ericsson Assisted Drive and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) have been gaining a lot of attention as stepping stones toward autonomous driving. The ability for a car to sense and anticipate potential dangers long before the driver presents incredible safety potential.

What is Ericsson Assisted Drive?

Ericsson Assisted Drive and ADAS automotive capabilities turn connectivity into a contributing sensor, enabling vehicles to see around corners, avoid hazards, collaborate with each other and interact with their environment more intelligently than ever. These capabilities are available via an automotive-grade, guaranteed 24/7 service package powered by Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud.

Assisted driving enables automotive manufacturers to create unprecedented levels of safety to assist drivers in navigating both urban and rural jungles.

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Vehicles gather a huge amount of data through every sensor, sharing it with the cloud, city infrastructure and with each other. Cellular connectivity has the potential to tap into real-time data, unleash enormous business value and transform the driver’s in-vehicle experience. Connectivity is the complement to increasingly advanced on-board sensors (RADARs, LIDARs, cameras, etc.), by delivering real-time, reliable information between vehicles and their cloud-based service providers.

How will Ericsson Assisted Drive improve my capabilities?

See around corners

Gain advanced warning and alert information for hazards outside the line of sight, improving safety and user experience.

Enable innovation

Use new data insights and leverage ecosystem innovation to launch services faster, helping achieve new use cases and data monetization opportunities.

Manage complexity

Use a single integration point for data from intelligent transport systems, vehicles and regulatory compliance across all platforms. Expand control for how to publish and share data, as well as seize new revenue opportunities.

Ericsson Assisted Drive use cases

  • A V2X (vehicle-to-everything) Application Server
  • V2X data exchange
  • V2X data monetization
  • Secure device communication
  • Geofencing/a real-time rule engine
  • Driver support (right-turn assist, and emergency electronic brake lights, speed, red light, curve speed and slow/stopped vehicle warnings)
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