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Using advanced analytics, the Ericsson Operations Engine helps you predict and manage network problems before they become user issues.

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Advancements in wireless technology are placing ever-increasing demands on network resources. The Ericsson Operations Engine combines AI, automation and deep industry expertise to help provide efficiency that scales. Proactively manage networks to deliver secure, reliable performance and optimize costs across operations. With the Ericsson Operations Engine, operators are empowered with the tools to ensure next-generation connectivity.

The Ericsson Operations Engine in action

Leveraging the latest technology and industry expertise, the Ericsson Operations Engine helps you plan, design, and manage a more intelligent and agile network. Explore the numbers behind some of our most recent work.

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and indicators from across the network to predict the risk for individual sleeping cells and resolve the situation without a single human interaction.

  • Predict up to 70% of all sleeping cells 24 hours in advance

More devices and greater network complexity increase the risk for security-related events. The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to detect threats proactively.

  • Automate all Level 1 alerts
  • Identify up to 78% of false positives
  • Clear Level 2 alert queues in as little as 24 hours

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and Natural Language Processing to speed up response time, alleviating your workforce from recurring, simple tasks.

  • Reduce ticket triage to as little as 40 seconds
  • Reduce service desk costs by up to 30% from day 1

Using intelligent optimization, the Ericsson Operations Engine maximizes the utilization of network assets from site to spectrum while minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • One customer maintained and improved KPIs despite an average spectrum reduction of 32% in 900 MHz and 46% in 1800 MHz

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Reduce truck rolls by up to 70%

Leverage AI and automation to efficiently manage the service desk, reducing unnecessary site visits and increasing productivity.

Working with gadgets

Provide smart, seamless security

Ensure end-to-end security from device to cloud with automated, predictive security management to resolve threats in real-time.

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Delivering consistent performance and reliability are critical to the success of next-generation networks. The Ericsson Operations Engine combines AI, automation, and unrivaled expertise to help you provide enhanced consumer services, unlocking new experiences and pushing boundaries of what a network can do.

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