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The Ericsson Operations Engine uses AI and automation to dynamically allocate resources, ensuring consistent quality across the network.

Are you seeing what we’re seeing?

The Ericsson Operations Engine uses a data-driven approach to provide coverage, performance, and reliability for customers worldwide. But it’s not just any data. The Ericsson Operations Engine relies on service KPIs rather than network KPIs to help you see what your customers see—so you can better analyze, understand, and optimize your network to deliver a superior customer experience.

The Ericsson Operations Engine in action

The capabilities of the Ericsson Operations Engine enhance the performance, flexibility, and customer experience of networks worldwide. Explore the numbers behind some of our most recent work.

The Ericsson Operations Engine can link a number of metrics directly to customer experience to help you see what they see. By optimizing E2E network parameters, you can even make these insights actionable.

  • One of our partners experienced a 35% decrease in poor performance for its high-value users when file sharing and a 20% decrease when browsing
  • We also helped them increase upload speeds on Facebook by 35% and 8% for content downloads

Instead of operating IT in silos, operate it in a business-first approach. The Ericsson Operations Engine can ensure the quality of relevant services by optimizing experience to meet the demands of customers across the network.

  • Experience an up to 40% reduction in number of critical tickets for key business processes including top-up, self-care, and real-time rating 
  • Increase service availability
  • Increase operational effectiveness using faster root-cause analysis

With experience supporting operators in external benchmarkings including P3, RootMetrics and more, Ericsson can offer insights into the common metrics and methodology behind the tests. Together, we can to help you maximize your investment and your score.

  • One operator scored an industry high mark in P3 benchmarking, 973 out of 1000 points 
  • Operators partnering with Ericsson for P3 preparation closed the gap with maximum value 3 times faster than operators acting alone

Accelerate time to market using better subscriber provisioning, targeted campaigns, value packs. Leverage service operations and experience from data scientists and deployment knowledge, while conforming with data privacy and security policies.

  • Reduce new service creation and deployment time by up to 6 months
  • Accelerate take rate for new services by up to 20%

Take a closer look at what's possible

Ensure a smooth experience from end-to-end

Predict and prevent service disruptions in real-time to improve NPS scores, reduce churn, and increase ARPU.

Put perfect 4K in the hands of your customers

Reduce jitter and delays in loading video and other OTT content by correlating network resources with service KPIs.

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