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Technology incubator fuels startup innovation

For our tech incubator, Ericsson Garage, the recent TM Forum was about finding new value streams in a rapidly digitizing world. Head of Ericsson Garage, Sandor Albrecht, sat down at the event with startup, Imagimob, to talk about our partnership and future opportunities.

Technology incubator fuels startup innovation

Ericsson Garage is our in-house incubator that explores opportunities to develop tangible prototypes in new areas together with partners. And since TM Forum is the premier event to talk about digital transformation and innovation, it was a natural fit to send our Head of Ericsson Garage to explore solutions that fulfill actual customer needs.

“We are always trying to solve a pain point,” says Albrecht.

During the event, Sandor Albrecht presented onstage with Imagimob’s founder, Anders Hardebring, about that startup’s idea for implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the edge of the network. Later they sat down to talk about how this concept makes it possible to decrease latency and speed up decision-making times, which in turn makes new use cases possible. An intelligent chainsaws, for example, could immediatly shut itself down if there was a movement that risked injuring the operator. 

“Our relationship [with Imagimob] is based on trust and transparency and partnership,” says Albrecht. “We don’t discuss commercial relationships, rather we start by verifying the technology and how to go to market.”

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