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Ericsson IoT Accelerator at heart of two new Sprint Curiosity IoT updates

Sprint, one of the leading US communications service providers, announced two new updates to its Ericsson IoT Accelerator-powered Curiosity™ IoT platform at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles. Sprint’s platform has now been enhanced with a private IoT network solution, as well as NB-IoT functionality.   

Ericsson IoT Accelerator at heart of two new Sprint Curiosity IoT updates

The new additions of private IoT networks and NB-IoT further enhance the flexibility in Curiosity™ IoT for Sprint’s enterprise customers, providing the ability to capture the potential in new IoT use cases across a variety of industry verticals.

Extending Curiosity™ IoT with Private IoT Networks

Developed in collaboration between the two partners and managed by Ericsson’s IoT Accelerator, Sprint’s private network solution brings IoT to the edge for enterprise customers, providing the ability to manage IoT applications that have critical requirements, such as low latency or local breakout, without the need to traverse the macro environment.

Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President of IoT and Product Development, Sprint, says: "Curiosity™ IoT was created with the possibility of private networking in mind. The dedicated, distributed and virtualized core network and operating system allows for the flexibility across all types of customers, including those who have very demanding network needs or operate in hard-to-reach areas."

The private IoT network solution, based on the Enterprise Core solution in Ericsson Private Networks, will provide a virtual, pre-integrated enterprise core network that is quick to deploy and access agnostic. Each enterprise location can be configured based on the specific needs of the enterprise. Data from devices is turned into intelligence locally, creating benefits for a variety of verticals, such as manufacturing, public safety and mining, to reach the other on-premise devices or application services.

Enhancing Curiosity™ IoT with NB-IoT availability

Complementing Sprint’s nationwide CAT-M rollout, the availability of NB-IoT on Curiosity™ IoT further expands low power wide area network access across the purpose-built IoT platform.

"Whether its sensors are in a large fleet of cargo trucks or connectivity across an industrial automation operation, the combination of CAT-M and NB-IoT brings flexibility to address the unique demands of diverse connected device use cases," says Rook.

Åsa Tamsons, Senior Vice President and Head of Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, Ericsson, says: “With NB-IoT, Sprint now expands low power wide area network access to Curiosity™ IoT to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses, enterprises and government entities alike in how to connect, manage and secure its people, places and things."

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