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Managed Network Services


Ericsson Managed Network Services helps Communication Services Providers transform their network operations to successfully manage the increasing complexity of the networks with committed business outcomes.

Our data-driven operations approach leverages on the Ericsson Operations Engine, a solution capable of processing an unparalleled multinational, multivendor digital data store and training sophisticated algorithms to operate your network. It includes modern tools, digital processes, automation, analytics, artificial intelligence and a highly trained workforce ready to predict potential network issues caused by hardware, software, or external factors such as weather disturbances or customer behavior patterns. Every day, it processes data and automates millions of network commands to prevent network issues before they happen.

Data-driven operations transformation main benefits:

  • Highest network performance. Network stability is the foundation of good user experience, which can translate to a 15 percent ARPU increase for frontrunner CSPs.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). By optimizing the incident management in the NOC, data-driven operations are able to notably reduce the volume of work orders and site visits, focus the field force with surgical precision and resolve issues much faster from a remote location.
  • Best customer experience. Together with the improved performance contributes to a better quality overall experienced by the subscriber and is reflected by a substantial reduction in customer complaints related to network or service quality.
  • Less energy consumption. Leverages AI and advanced data analytics to optimize energy consumption across network infrastructure for CSPs, while also reducing site visits and curbing CO2 emissions.
  • Highest security standards. With 5G increasingly turning mobile networks into a backbone of the digital society, telco-specialized security expertise is paramount for preventing, simplifying handling and accelerating remediation of incidents.
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