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5G Trailblazers

5G Trailblazers

They’re not just talking 5G, they’re doing amazing things with it.

Growth opportunities with the power of 5G

They’re real game-changers and problem-solvers. Through the adoption of 5G, they’ve grown in their respective fields, tackling everything from sports fan engagement experiences to sustainable transport ecosystems. Here, we celebrate their achievements and bring you unique stories of their success.

Watch Magnus’ journey

Unlocking the power of 5G with Magnus Bjorkman

Magnus Bjorkman, CEO of Tension and a gamification app developer, invites you into his world. This behind-the-scenes story profiles his journey in life putting the customer experience first to create immersive sports fan experiences in his native Sweden and beyond.

Discover more about Magnus

5G Possibilities:

Using the power of 5G to solve industry challenges and enhance consumer experiences. Our 5G Trailblazers are using 5G to facilitate remote musical performances and provide remote health & social care. They are also enabling remote engineers to support with installations and repairs in the water industry.

5G Adoption:

What is needed to adopt 5G at scale? 5G Trailblazers discuss how there is a need for skills, more widespread connectivity and innovative business models if we are to adopt 5G at scale, and unleash its full potential.

Find out what motivates them

There are three types of Trailblazer, but they all have one thing in common, total belief in the transformative power of 5G. Here’s how to spot one.

The pioneer

The Pioneers

They work at the forefront of their industries. They want to harness the full potential of 5G connectivity to drive crucial projects forward.

The catalyst

The Catalysts

The industry accelerators and academics who want to push the boundaries of connectivity. They lead 5G programs through investment and experimentation.

The conversation drivers

The Conversation Drivers

The industry analysts and media commentators who are forces for change. They want to help to grow our understanding of 5G and inform strategy and government policy.

Meet the 5G Trailblazers

We’ve captured the stories of over 50 incredible people who are changing the game in their industries. Read them, share them, and use their pioneering spirit to drive your 5G journey forward.

Nominate a trailblazer

Do you know someone who’s changed the game in their industry with the power of 5G? Nominate them below and they could become a 5G Trailblazer.


Nominate a Trailblazer

Trailblazing in action

People across the Europe and Latin America are harnessing the potential of 5G to improve their lives and livelihoods. If you see a good example of 5G Trailblazing in action, share it on your socials using #5GTrailblazers.

Get the bigger 5G picture

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