Supplier code of conduct audit program

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The foundation of our Responsible Sourcing program is our Ericsson 
Code of Conduct, to which all suppliers must comply. It covers four main areas: Anti-corruption, Human and labor rights, Environment, Operational health and safety. The Code forms a core part of our supplier contracts and is available in several different languages.

Suppliers must complete mandatory Supplier Self-Assessments that relate to the code of conduct, environmental and ohs requirements before they are selected.

Throughout the year, we also audit a sample of our suppliers. In order to determine which suppliers to audit we use a risk-based approach that takes into account several factors. These factors are then prioritized and include, but are not limited to,

  • Size and scale of the supplier
  • Nature of services or type of products provided
  • Previous audits, if any
  • Current and future business strategy
  • Significant risk areas such as OHS factors or environmental compliance
  • Supply chain risks

We have set a target to address all suppliers in the top 90% of supplier spend.

Third-party auditors

In 2017, we fully implemented third-party Code of Conduct audits of our suppliers. With third-party auditors we have found that, in general, the audits are more effective and robust. Third-party auditors bring additional unique expertise, obtained through their extensive audit activities throughout various industries, which supports and affirms our Responsible Sourcing Strategy.

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