Responsible sourcing

Managing the social, ethical, environmental and human rights impacts in our supply chain is part of our value chain approach to embedding corporate responsibility throughout our business. Build capacity for our suppliers to meet high standards in all of these areas is a fundamental part of our approach.

Sustainable management of supply chains is of growing importance to our stakeholders, including customers and investors. We have set social and environmental requirements for our suppliers for many years, including a ban on the use of forced or bonded labor and child labor. This issue is reflected in legislation, such as the UK Modern Slavery Act that passed into law in 2015. More information in Ericsson's Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

Supplier requirements

Please find our supplier requirements and sourcing condition templates here.

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On-line training for suppliers

We offer free online training to all suppliers and other stakeholders. Please enjoy our trainings.

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Ericsson Code of Conduct

The foundation of our Responsible Sourcing Program is the Ericsson Code of Conduct, to which all suppliers must comply. It covers four main areas: Anti-corruption, Human and labor rights, Environment, Operational health and safety.


A key component of Responsible Sourcing is our Supplier Anti-Corruption program. This program strongly focuses on ensuring our suppliers do not engage in corruptible behaviour or business practices.

Modern slavery

In Ericsson's Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement we describe how we are tackling the challenge of modern slavery and human trafficking throughout our operations and supply chain, in line with the UK Modern Slavery Act.


Ericsson cannot successfully keep track of and reduce our adverse environmental impacts without considering the entire supply chain. Good supplier collaboration is our focus and of the utmost importance in these efforts.

Conflict minerals

We are committed to continuously improving our raw materials sourcing and addressing the important issue of conflict minerals. We work with suppliers to increase transparency in our supply chain and offer training on conflict minerals.

Contract compliance

Contract Compliance audits verify supplier's compliance to agreements signed with Ericsson. The audits help Ericsson to identify areas for improvement and help suppliers comply with the criteria.

Occupational health and safety

Ericsson has a vision of Zero OHS incidents in the supply chain. Our suppliers are required to provide a safe and healthy working environment as part of their business commitment to Ericsson.