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Impressions from MWC Shanghai 2019 - 5G & Edge Computing

I just experienced MWC Shanghai for the first time, and thought it was an impressive show with a good mix of different industry players, telecom vendors and service providers. All gathered at the event under the theme of experiencing how “Intelligent Connectivity” will shape our industry and our world.

Head of China Distributed Cloud Program.

MWC Shanghai

Head of China Distributed Cloud Program.

Head of China Distributed Cloud Program.

As expected, the key message in most booths was centred around 5G, 5G and even more 5G. It is evident that 5G is here and now, and everyone is excited about the new capabilities it opens up for a wide range of new uses cases and new business opportunities.

In our Ericsson booth, as in many others, we showcased how both consumers and enterprises can benefit from 5G. Besides enhanced mobile broadband, we showcased the technology behind services like smart factories, intelligent transport and mobile gaming: all are exciting use cases from a business and technology perspective.

MWC Shanghai

Most of these new use cases are enabled by our 5G and distributed cloud capabilities, for example, the possibility to run any workload, anywhere with end-to-end orchestration, service exposure, and application enablement. A prime example of this is the remote surgery demo that we showcased together with China Mobile. To be able to remotely perform a surgery you need extremely low and stable latency with dedicated security, something that can only be achieved if you run computing at the very edge with network slicing to guarantee performance and security.

With the new use cases in mind, many of the customer meetings I attended during the show was about how we support our customers to plan for their network evolution and grow new business with 5G and edge computing, enabled by our Distributed Cloud solution. Fortunately, I could complement the meeting room discussion with a demo of our newly launched Edge NFVI solution, accompanied with our newly launched partner VNF certification program to drive an open ecosystem.

MWC Shaghai

The new Edge solution, built on our world leading and system verified NFVI offering, is optimized to run in a service provider’s edge domain and thereby it enables customers to evolve from centralized NFVI deployment to more distributed edge locations. If you are interested in knowing more about our Edge NFVI solution, don’t hesitate to download our solution brief.

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