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Ericsson Partner VNF Certification

VNF Partner Certification

Already some 50+ VNF’s from 20+ vendors have been onboarded on to the Ericsson NFVI.

Secure your future in the 5G ecosystem

The Ericsson NFV footprint is market leading with 140+ service providers using the Ericsson NFVI platform. 

This enables a great business opportunity going forward for VNF vendors to support 5G services for consumers and enterprises.

Expand your knowledge with Ericsson partner VNF certification program
Partner VNF certification program

The Ericsson partner VNF certification program

As telecom operators increasingly adopt NFV, they face the critical challenge of validating and certifying VNFs. VNFs need to not only be validated for initial onboarding, but also frequently re-validated to keep up with the pace of infrastructure innovation such as Ericsson NFVI offerings.

The program includes a continuous validation service to keep track of updates, a standardized testing framework, and a market place portal.

The testing framework

In order to address the validation challenges, Ericsson has developed a standardized testing framework to ensure the functionality and operational readiness of VNFs throughout the lifecycle of both VNFs and the Ericsson NFVI offerings.

The test areas include besides the basic testing also onboarding, stability, health check, and Life cycle management (LCM) workflows. The outcomes consist of test reports, VNF descriptors, Heat templates for orchestration and publication on the market portal.

Testing will be done on the Ericsson NFVI that includes, Hardware (Compute, Storage, Networking), SDI(Software defined infrastructure), OpenStack VIM, SDN, and NFVO (Ericsson orchestrator).

VNF infrastructure

Partner VNF certification program benefits

Benefits for VNF Vendors

  • Access to experienced experts, feedback and trouble report resolution during validation process
  • Broaden market reach and leverage on Ericsson NFVI market position
  • Joint marketing and sales activities, included listing on Ericsson internet site
  • Re-use non-IPR restricted assets (Test Cases, VNF Descriptor, Heat Orchestration Template) to accelerate customer projects

Benefits for service providers

  • Verify that VNF vendors are compliant with relevant NFV standards
  • Accelerate deployment and reduce risk when onboarding and deploying multi-vendor VNFs on Ericsson NFVI.
  • Access to a large catalog of certified VNFs

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