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What’s hot in 5G, BSS and monetization?

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It’s all happening! We believe the pandemic is ending, 5G is starting to become an established technology all over the world and our whole industry is now looking at all the magnificent use cases to be realized with the new capabilities. These are some of the exciting developments we explored at the Ericsson BSS Summit 2022. Below we share our top ten hot topics.

BSS Summit chairman

Virtual event

BSS Summit chairman

BSS Summit chairman


Enterprises are starting to realize and reap the benefits of 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming mainstream and early adopter consumers are spending more and more time in other parallel universes: metaverses. Naturally all these new 5G opportunities puts new requirements on communication service providers (CSPs) environments such as end-to-end service and resource orchestration, creative monetization, automation of processes and increased flexibility with cloud environments. To be sustainable all these developments will need to be monetized.

This was the starting point when we kicked off the Ericsson BSS Summit 2022 on October 18-19 in Santa Clara, Silicon Valley. The Ericsson BSS Summit is an event exclusive for our Digital Business Support System (BSS) customers – the almost 300 operators globally utilizing Ericsson’s Telecom BSS in their monetization processes. The BSS Summit has been running for more than 20 years and, after two years as a virtual event, we could finally meet again; both physically but also digitally for those who couldn’t join us in person.

Here follows the top 10 hot topics from the event. Everything has been recorded and is available to Ericsson BSS customers. Register for free access to discover insights from leading industry experts.


1. Maximizing monetization

We are living in a world where success in business and everyday life depends on connecting both continuously and effectively with customers, third party services and industry verticals.  What does it take to be able to monetize these emerging connected world opportunities with 5G? Where are we today and where do we need to go with future CSP monetization? 


2. 5G monetization enabled by network slicing

The operational transformation of enterprises is driving the need for ever more stringent connectivity requirements. 5G and network slicing enables deployment of multiple isolated virtual customized networks to cater to these requirements, while at the same time unlocking strong monetization opportunity for CSPs. Network slicing solutions are already available, and CSPs are collaborating with enterprises to deploy a commercial proposition. But is your environment and organization ready for this journey?  We share our perspective on how CSPs are planning to commercialize network slicing.


3. Network slicing and SLA management

The 5G business era unlocks a range of opportunities for CSPs, not only with consumers, but even more so in the enterprise segment. Ericsson’s ambition is to always support CSPs in their quest to address profitable 5G enterprise use cases and deliver higher enterprise value by enabling unique connectivity service offerings thereby unlocking additional revenues.  Explore the opportunities that coupling network slicing with end-to-end service-level agreement (SLA) management brings.


4. Riding the next wave of 5G

With global 5G subscriptions expected to exceed 1 billion by end of 2022, 5G is going beyond early adopters to the next wave of users. What expectations does that set on the CSPs? Watch the Ericsson BSS Summit 2022 video to discuss the latest insights ‘hot off the press’ from the world’s biggest 5G consumer study, which gathered the opinions of 1.7 billion consumers and over 430 million 5G users globally. Look back at the three years of 5G launches to understand what has changed, and the most important learnings about how to successfully monetize 5G. From stellar use cases to new 5G monetization models adopted, the session helps CSPs understand how 5G adoption and usage behavior up to 2025 and beyond will evolve BSS requirements.


5. MVNO modernization

The number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) is increasing, and this number is expected to rise even further with 5G. For CSP growth, it’s key to be an attractive partner. Ericsson's BSS customer AT&T present how they are leveraging their speed, coverage and reach, and working together with their business partners to monetize efficiently. Discover how their BSS plays a significant role. 


6. Creating your own API economy

Application programming interfaces (APIs) aren’t new – they’ve been around for decades, connecting customers, third parties and industry verticals – but now it’s becoming the 'silver bullet' for success by offering fast and easy access, low overhead and high impact connections. In other words, APIs are changing the business landscape and creating their own economy. But to succeed you need to know what your strategy is, who your partners should be and where you are heading. Are you ready for the new economy?


7. The dematerialization of our future

This year the metaverse has been on everyone’s lips. What if the metaverse marks the start of something larger – a new era of dematerialization of the economy? Will what we see and buy increasingly be digital assets in a 3D internet world? And if so, what does this mean for the telco industry?


8. Making your network a service innovation platform

The digital eco system requires CSP to increase the value they deliver to their customers beyond connectivity. CSP need to transform their connectivity networks to become platforms for flexible service creation and innovation. This is based on exposure of service APIs which enable simple and smooth NW service consumption for enterprise applications. Hear how Ericsson is researching two Service APIs for connectivity management and device connectivity management which will play an important role for dynamic 5G network slicing use cases.


9. Using AI to monetize data

Data is a key asset and AI has become a key source of monetization for organizations. Even though many challenges exist, half of the world’s enterprises already have an AI strategy and are gainfully leveraging this opportunity. AI will soon become all pervasive, with the metaverse emerging as a key application of AI. which organizations would like to reap the benefits from. From a BSS perspective, Ericsson foresees some early trends about how the metaverse will impact BSS.  

The session also looks at Ericsson’s AI strategy and how Ericsson BSS data ingestion and AI strategy can support you and your partners in leveraging AI opportunities.


10. Automating 5G value from your network to your channels

As stated 5G technology is opening new revenue opportunities for CSPs with both consumers and enterprises.  These opportunities involve new offerings across many sectors and industries. In this session we will explore how Ericsson’s catalog-driven suite of products bridges and automates processes from your network to your channels to help you exploit the 5G opportunity. 


How can you get access to benefit from the material?

Sounds interesting we hope! All the topics above and a lot more are available to all Ericsson BSS customers at the BSS Summit on-demand event. Register here and you will get access to all content. From mid-November we will add even more content to the on-demand event. 



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