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5G monetization – It’s an ecosystem play

5G monetization – It’s an ecosystem play

Telia and Telstra are evolving their service architectures

5G monetization to improve top line revenue capture

5G enables entirely new service experiences for enterprises and consumers. Are your 5G monetization models optimized for success?

5G creates new monetization pathways

5G monetization creates new opportunities in both traditional and new markets – including an innovative focus on digitalized operations in enterprise and industry.

To address 5G use cases and deliver the full potential of 5G to customers, 5G monetization capabilities must evolve together with 5G network implementation.

Trial and error, failing fast, switching tack and rapidly responding characterize flexible service creation.

Surges in activity as 5G applications rise in popularity put agility and flexibility at the forefront. 5G monetization models have complex interactions with partners as service experiences evolve.

5G services place new demands on BSS to simplify and manage new complexity - in charging and settlement, while simultaneously managing revenue capture and settlement for new ecosystem partners.

Unlock revenues and offer increased value to customers and partners

Flexibly meet business demands

Unleash 5G/IoT revenues

Unique integrated policy & charging

Streamline operations

Maximize the opportunities of the 5G ecosystem

5G monetization models bring complex partner interactions, and new experiences for customers. This puts new demands on BSS to simplify and manage new complexity - in services creation, charging, settlement, and partner management as telecom value chains evolve.

5G monetization (in a minute)

5G monetization demands on charging include:

  • Support for new charging trigger points
  • Manage communication services at IoT scale
  • Charging life-cycle management as a part of mass IoT device and mass subscription life-cycle management
  • Multiparty charging, charging in hierarchies, charging on behalf of
  • Non-telco service charge

5G monetization demands on billing include:

  • Life-cycle management as a part of mass IoT device and mass subscription life-cycle management
  • Multiparty billing, billing on behalf of, revenue sharing
  • IoT partner settlements

Obtain granular control on a massive scale

Hybrid multi-vendor environments give rise to complexity in system architectures, systems integration and, ultimately, business processes. Combined, these increase cost pressures and create inefficiencies.  

Airtel India is using Ericsson’s integrated policy and charging as the overall tool for network functions in the BSS landscape. Partnering with Ericsson to consolidate online charging, Airtel India:

  • expanded its existing integrated policy and charging solution
  • replaced legacy online charging systems
  • migrated 70M customers to Ericsson Charging solution.

This results in a consolidated online charging system, simplifying the architecture and lowering overall TCO of its charging solution for 350M subscribers across 23 markets, with support for geo-redundancy.

Blog: Big Bang BSS migration success sees Airtel shift to unified architecture

Find more Business and Operations Support Systems cases.

5G brings use cases, new business models and new partnerships

5G monetization strategies are full of new possibilities as new use cases emerge for consumers and enterprises in conjunction with ecosystem partners.

Three roles in the value chain for 5G services

One important dimension of the monetization journey is the role the CSP decides to take in the value chain, with each approach offering a different impact on the monetization potential of the use case. There are three main roles:

Service creators
Service creators are able to add value to the service by addressing the value chain in a partner ecosystem
Service enablers
Service enablers expose portions of OSS and BSS and share revenues with third party creator of value for rich 5G services
Network developers
Network developers' revenue opportunity is the connectivity revenue uplift based on usage or subscription

Breaking down OSS/BSS silos for better 5G monetization

Read how Telia and Telstra are evolving their service architectures for optimal 5G outcomes and explore what the ideal OSS and BSS architecture looks like.

Getting creative with 5G business models

This ebrief examines three 5G consumer use cases: Immersive gaming, FWA for private homes, 3D Video-on-Demand (VoD).

Monetizing 5G immersive experiences

5G stadiums will bring a real-time, immersive experience to fans at venues and beyond. Be ready to support- 5G’s new network slicing capabilities.

Full steam ahead for Industry 4.0: Exploring BSS for smart factories

Explore Augmented Reality (AR)for inspection and remote support and BSS implications for B2B services.

Game Plan: BSS for 5G enterprise customer experience

How CSPs can be perfect partners for multiplayer mobile gaming tournament organizers

BSS for sustainable choices: Exploring Electric Vehicle (EV) smart charging

Explore an Electric Vehicle (EV) smart charging use case and its business model.

5G Connected ports: Conceptualization to monetization enabled by BSS

Navigate the journey to monetizing new 5G services

5G monetization forces change

5G monetization platforms are evolving to meet the key challenges in capturing, charging and billing the new value that 5G brings with new services, new use cases and new capabilities such as network slicing:

  • co-creation within the ecosystem
  • monetization of new services
  • flexible service creation
  • charging policies

Making 5G monetization a success at Ooredoo Kuwait

Ooredoo Kuwait executives discuss consolidation of the legacy charging environment - moving to online charging, increased digital engagement and seamless customer experiences across channels.

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Let's talk about 5G monetization | On-demand videos

Ericsson, Singtel, Telia, andTM Forum discuss the impact of 5G on industry partnerships and ecosystem engagements. 

  • It’s an ecosystem play
  • Flexible service creation

TM Forum | Is BSS ready to monetize enterprise 5G?

Expand BSS to support 5G enterprise services. This TM Forum report documents a survey of 61 CSPs asked about BSS and its readiness to monetize 5G enterprise services.

TM Forum | Future enterprise billing

This TM Forum report discusses CSP survey results about the future of enterprise billing and the drivers for new approaches to enabling and monetizing 5G enterprise services.

Capturing 5G monetization opportunities with 5G charging

Explore the key capabilities needed by BSS, and specifically by charging, to capture growing opportunities offered by 5G.

Monetization portfolio

Addressing enterprises and partners in the context of the whole value chain and optimizing for 5G monetization, including  IoT, necessitates evolving monetization capabilities.

Monetization systems for charging must be converged  for real-time charging in a single solution, able to process multiple and varied parameters representing the value of new network capabilities .

Emerging enterprise/ business customers’ needs, different partner types, new use cases  and new business models demand accurate multi-sided billing and settlement and reconciliation. Meanwhile, many face continued pressure to reduce bill run operation time, improve invoicing performance and resolvie source data issues, while generating more revenue opportunities​.

Monetization platforms need to be service agnostic for :

  • all business segments, and
  • any network technology
Meeting business requirements flexibly for 5G monetization

Meeting business requirements flexibly for 5G monetization


A scalable, flexible solution with a strong user-experience focus, enabling real-time convergent charging, policy control, decoupling and fast service creation. 


A convergent billing solution for telecoms that combines an unrivalled combination of out-of-the box features and high configurability.

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