DST, Brunei Darussalam: Operational excellence


DST solidifies its market lead in Brunei Darussalam with 3G services.

DST and Ericsson come together in a groundbreaking mobile broadband network rollout and business consulting partnership.

DataStream Technology (DST) holds 78 percent share of the mobile telecommunications market in the country of Brunei Darussalam. In recent years, new competitors have entered the market with mobile and fixed broadband offerings. In order to maintain its leadership position, DST sought a partner to assist in the launch of its own 3G offering within the shortest time frame possible. Ericsson's comprehensive background in telecommunications technology positioned it as a strong candidate but the main differentiator was the capability to provide end-to-end solutions with Business Consulting, addressing both DST's technology and business requirements. Haji Marsad Ismail, Group Chief Operating Officer, DST elaborates: "The telecommunications industry has shifted from being technology to business-focused, with customers becoming increasingly sophisticated and demanding. Ericsson has managed to bridge the gap between technology and business to launch mobile services that meet the needs of consumers and maximize the capacity of the network."

The cross-functional collaboration between DST and Ericsson's Network Rollout and Business Consulting has enabled the operator to uncover a new customer base, improve time-to-market and develop a more attractive and unique brand identity. Ericsson Business Consultants based the consultancy on Ericsson's 'Goto-Market' methodology. Aggressive marketing strategies were developed for the launch of mobile broadband, designed to take on both fixed and mobile broadband competitors. The team worked hard to ensure alignment between business strategy and technology deployment and communicate a common direction. As a result mobile broadband was successfully launched in May 2008.

This is Ericsson's first contract in Brunei Darussalam and as DST's first involvement in 3G, the project represents a big leap forward on both sides. Claes Martinsson, Key Account Manager, Ericsson comments on the dynamic between the partners: "The partnership between DST and Ericsson has been especially strong. DST was new to 3G and we were new to the Brunei Darussalam market. We have leveraged on each other's strengths working together as partners, not simply as supplier and operator. Our success is testimony of the fruitful partnership."

DST now offers nationwide mobile broadband services in Brunei Darussalam at speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps. Fixed infrastructure is limited in some areas of the country, so for consumers who can now access high speed internet anywhere at any time, mobile broadband represents a revolution in communications. The launch was an instant success and the take up of mobile broadband has been high, showing that there is a real appetite for the service in this relatively untapped market. With Ericsson now providing the Service Delivery Platform to ensure shorter time-to-market for new services, Mobile TV with wap portal streaming, and clients for Linear (scheduled) and Video on Demand TV, DST will go on to supply Brunei Darussalam with the latest multimedia services. Haji Marsad Ismail adds: "Before embarking on this project, we had a strong background in 2G mobile and voice-centric services. 3G mobile and broadband was uncharted territory and posed a new challenge for us. The strategic partnership between DST and Ericsson has positioned us to develop services that will meet dynamic network and consumer demands."


Customer: DST, Brunei Darussalam

Customer Objective

  • Offer 3G services
  • Future-proof the network
  • Meet end-user needs

Ericsson Solution

  • Network Rollout
  • Business Consulting
  • Mobile Broadband

Customer Benefits

  • Improved competitive position
  • Opened up new revenue streams
  • Strengthened the brand image

Customer profile

Brunei Darussalam is a small country with one of the highest mobile penetration rates in South East Asia. Formed in 1995, DataStream Technology (DST) is a provider of world-class mobile communications services for business and for the local and foreign communities of Brunei Darussalam. Since its inception, DST has grown from an AMPS type analogue telephone service provider to become a key contributor to the evolution of the country's telecommunications industry.


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