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Ensuring flawless connectivity at mega-events

Ensuring flawless connectivity at mega-events

Building an outstanding network with Ooredoo Qatar

Mega-events are hugely challenging connectivity environments and draw extensive international attention to the countries or cities that host them. In addition, all visitors, businesses, and broadcasters expect a fast, secure, and reliable mobile network.


As Qatari service provider Ooredoo geared up for a momentous sporting mega-event in 2022, the search for a reliable solution led them straight to Ericsson.


  • Over 1.4 million visitors traveled to Qatar, dramatically adding to the country's permanent population of around 2.7 million. Despite this, Ooredoo's network handled the capacity and provided a reliable, high-speed connection.
  • The network handled ~44 million daily minutes of phone calls during the event.
  • A modernized network with the latest equipment and software solutions optimized connectivity dynamically; creating the best-ever experience.
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The connectivity challenge for mega-events

As the world's attention turned to Qatar, and with international visitors set to arrive, Ooredoo Qatar collaborated with Ericsson to build a best-in-class 5G network that could deliver world-leading performance and seamlessly handle the immense influx of traffic.

Through a harmonious integration of indoor and outdoor hardware solutions, advanced connectivity software, and Ericsson-powered Managed Services, Ooredoo kept visitors universally connected nationwide, even in the face of challenging conditions.

The connectivity challenge for mega-events

A proven solution for mega-event connectivity

As the mega-event experience becomes increasingly digitalized for fans and organizers, reliable and fast connectivity becomes a key success factor. In Qatar, Ooredoo's holistic network was up to the job, coping with huge traffic volumes and delivering superfast download speeds to all types of users wherever they needed.

After the event, Ericsson's solutions keep Qatar linked to the world; making up a future-proof sustainable connectivity infrastructure that will continue to undertake any load awaited.

A proven solution for mega-event connectivity
Günther Ottendorfer

"Ooredoo has demonstrated the outstanding performance of Ericsson's equipment within our network, showcasing its exceptional ability to seamlessly handle mega-events with utmost reliability and efficiency. This achievement reaffirms our commitment to delivering world-class connectivity solutions and solidifies the trust our customers place in us during such monumental occasions."

- Günther Ottendorfer, Chief Technology and Infrastructure Officer, Ooredoo Qatar

3.7 Gbps

Speeds reached on standard commercial handsets

45.1 TB

Record-breaking traffic volume during peak hours

2,800 TB

Average daily nationwide data usage during event

11.4 M

Total voice calls made, with 99.95% success rate

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Massive MIMO

5G Massive MIMO and mmWave brought a fantastic capacity boost to the stadiums; the advanced beam-forming capabilities serve capacity dynamically to the audience with very minimal interference.

Elastic RAN

Elastic RAN allowed the possibility to have the users connected to multiple base stations simultaneously, with tight coordination between them, and thus achieve further enhanced user experience.

Network slicing

Suppose there is a medical incident, and someone calls for help. A 5G link with the highest priority and lowest latency is established, and voice, video and data are transferred.

Multi-operator indoor small cells

Regardless of location or operator, visitors instantly experienced fast connections supported by an almost invisible infrastructure. The utilized multi-operator dot allows operators and vendors to share one set of network infrastructure and was built with Dot 4474, the world's smallest indoor small cell with 4x4 MIMO capabilities, and Indoor Connect 8855.

Business Support System (BSS)

Ahead of the event, Ooredoo selected Ericsson as their BSS transformation partner to combine powerful business performance with cost-efficient operations, management, and deployment. Ooredoo Qatar has taken significant strides in driving its digital transformation initiatives and monetization programs, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and business objectives, by leveraging Ericsson solutions such as Digital Monetization Platform, Charging, Billing, Catalog Manager, Order Care, Dynamic Activation, and Mediation.

Cognitive Network Solutions

Ericsson Cognitive Network Solutions are making the best networks better, maximizing return on investment, enabling accurate planning for expansions and boosting performance. Read more about the solutions that can help you stay ahead of the competition.