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TPG Telecom

TPG Telecom

Boosting network performance with analytics and troubleshooting

TPG Telecom: Advanced troubleshooting improves service experience

TPG Telecom draws insights from its 4G and 5G Mobile, FWA and IoT subscribers using Ericsson Expert Analytics Advanced troubleshooting. Better, more accurate, more efficient troubleshooting is enabled by smart data collection with embedded intelligence to predict, prioritize, and resolve performance issues in real-time.



This Australian-first cloud-native and AI-powered analytics approach to troubleshooting pinpoints network issues to improve mobile network performance. TPG Telecom gains an in-depth, end-to-end understanding of subscriber’s experience at an individual level, meaning it can react quicker to network issues, improve performance and reduce the need for infrastructure-based diagnoses, enhancing the service experience for customers.

With Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA), TPG Telecom implemented advanced troubleshooting capabilities.

TPG Telecom is the first in Australia and one of the first communication service providers (CSP) globally to deploy EEA in a commercial network using cloud-native technologies.

“EEA gives TPG the ability to provide actionable behavioral insights to predict, prioritize and resolve customer impacting events. Going forward, we know that this is going to meet our customer needs and it’s going to be a great foundation for us to build upon for other areas of the network, as we grow”

- Chris Tsigros, General Manager Cloud Infrastructure and Network Services, TPG Telecom Australia

The challenge

TPG Telecom’s purpose is to build meaningful relationships to support vibrant connected communities.

As part of its goal of maximizing the potential from network assets, TPG Telecom wanted to automatically detect issues from captured network and subscriber insights, transforming its mode of operation to ensure optimal service experience in its 5G digital services on its 5G standalone network.

The goal was to identify most probable root causes faster, thereby accelerating time to fault resolution. TPG Telecom wanted to evolve from traditional troubleshooting approaches, to using cloud-native software, with embedded scalability, agility and resilience designed to flexibly handle its requirements as its network and use cases evolve, adapting to any unexpected challenges.

TPG Telecom’s

The solution

Ericsson Expert Analytics (EEA) is an open system designed for ease of integration in multi-vendor hybrid environments. The software solution is powered by anomaly detection techniques based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, transforming data at scale into actionable insights for better business outcomes.

Leveraging the full functionality of Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core and built-in software probes, this solution uses dynamically generated workflows to collect the relevant subset of data for real time visibility of the service experience, addressing network complexity and detecting issues early. The approach drives value across the troubleshooting process for better more accurate, more efficient troubleshooting:

  • Customer centric – for superior service experience
  • Embedded intelligence – a smarter approach with built in domain knowledge
  • Smart data collection – real-time event-based network data processing
  • Holistic troubleshooting – optimizing troubleshooting efficiency
TGP solution

The impact

Ericsson Expert Analytics: Advanced troubleshooting is live in production at TPG Telecom, with more capabilities planned for future phases.

It helps TPG Telecom understand its customers’ experience at the individual subscriber level, with real time information about the experience, understanding where problems are and how to improve those experiences and make better decisions.

Ericsson Expert Analytics works with event-based information, which removes the need to capture every single packet going through the network to be able to understand the same customer experience details. This means that it can be done in both a smarter way in the network and in a more cost-effective way, meaning greater network visibility at a lower cost.

This solution marries Ericsson’s network experience and IT experience, with proactive correlation of subscriber insights, triggering workflow for smart data collection so that TPG Telecom can understand what’s happening in its 5G standalone network.

It is a key operational tool that serves as the foundation for further improvements to troubleshooting network and subscriber issues. It brings smart dashboarding capabilities, using AI and analytics, on demand troubleshooting and robust filtering of data, with smarter more secure data handling from collection to insights.

TGP impact

* EEA Advanced troubleshooting typically delivers cost savings of 50-70% (OPEX), 55-80% (CAPEX)

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