Claro, Honduras: Growth through quality


Claro, Honduras selects Ericsson to support the delivery of an enhanced mobile network.

Building on an existing supplier relationship, Claro, Honduras chose Ericsson as a strategic partner to improve the efficiency and quality of its network. Currently, as one of the least developed telecommunication markets in Latin America, Honduras is ideally positioned for growth. The Honduran mobile market is expected to grow by approximately 133 percent between 2006 and 2010. This growth will be largely driven by the arrival of new services and improvements in network quality. In order to capture further market share, Claro, Honduras selected the Network Management offering from Ericsson. The Ericsson solution will enable Claro, Honduras to effectively optimize its existing assets and network management resources.

The Ericsson offering marks a shift in the nature of the relationship between the two companies and one that will deliver Claro, Honduras several benefits, as Myrna Lopez, Network Management Director, Ericsson explains: "With this project, Ericsson's relationship with Claro, Honduras has moved beyond that of a hardware supplier into a consultancy and systems integrator role. Ericsson has designed and integrated a Network Management solution that will enable Claro, Honduras to utilize its current resources and maximize the investments that the company has already made in the Operation and Support System – Radio and Core (OSSRC). This project will provide Claro, Honduras with a futureproof, umbrella Network Management solution and increase efficiency within the organization, which has been aligned with the enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM) standard."

After examining the existing processes and tools within the Claro, Honduras organization, Ericsson created a phased initiative within a clearly defined budget to install an effective multivendor Network Management solution. Phase one of the project was the implementation and integration of a fault management solution. Ericsson has delivered a consolidated multivendor alarm view with OSS-RC as a common fault management system. Ericsson has also automated and simplified the fault management process and began a program of knowledge transfer on OSS-RC utilization. Part two of the project, the trouble management phase, involves the implementation of further tools and support. This includes a common trouble ticketing solution for the Front Office and the Network Management organizations, as well as enhancements to the trouble management procedures. These improvements support the organization in aligning with the problem management process and greatly enhance the information available for trouble management. Ericsson's solution also reduces the time needed for repair, providing a more efficient use of resources and delivering improved network quality.

The partnership with Ericsson has provided Claro, Honduras with a competitive advantage as Pastor Ramírez, CTO, Claro, Honduras explains: "The success of this project has resulted in the strengthening of our company resource efficiency capabilities. This initiative with Ericsson ensures that Claro, Honduras is better positioned to face our local market challenges and to take advantage of the potential that the region has to offer. With this project, Ericsson has moved into a consultancy role, sharing their experience in first-class network management. We look forward to working with Ericsson in the near future."


Customer: Claro, Honduras

Customer Objective

  • Improved network quality
  • Quicker fault resolution

Ericsson Solution

  • Solution Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • Learning Solution
  • OSS-RC knowledge transfer
  • Implementation of a complete Network Management solution

Customer Benefits

  • Maximized use of investments
  • Cost-efficient use of resources
  • Improved network quality using an enhanced trouble management process

Customer profile

Claro, Honduras holds approximately 33 percent of the mobile network market share in Honduras. The company is part of the Mexican telecom group America Movil. Through its operations in Central America, which encompass Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras, America Movil serves approximately 8.2 million wireless subscribers and 2.1 million fixed-lines. In the first quarter of 2008 America Movil gained an additional 5.7 million subscribers. Through 2008 America Movil gained 29.3 million subscribers, 2.3 percent more than a year before. In the forth quarter of 2008 America Movil added 10.1 million subscribers in the Americas, making it the company's best quarter ever.

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