Engineered Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in human hands

Human ingenuity and machine learning revolutionizing network services

Is artificial intelligence smart enough to on its own solve real world problems? Our approach of Engineered Intelligence is based on the belief that combining human ingenuity and machine capabilities creates the best solutions; solutions that will allow operators to win on the market.

Operators need Engineered Intelligence to handle the coming paradigm shift. As all businesses are becoming digital, and thus mobile, the demands placed on the networks will shift. This creates an opportunity for the operators that can move as fast as their fastest customers. If they can switch to a continuous improvement process in an increasingly complex world, they stand to win entire industries.

We are just at the beginning of an exciting journey. Early examples of Engineered Intelligence Services like Accelerated Network Build, App Experience Optimization and Preemptive Support Services, demonstrate that Ericsson is disrupting the status quo, providing leaps in efficiency, speed and customer experience.

We have proven results in live networks

50% reduction in cycle time
We have proven, operational methods for rolling out networks faster and with higher precision
70% of incidents preempted

70% of incidents preempted
Our revolutionary approach to support eliminates 70% of all critical incidents, reducing the workload by 25%

Reducing Facebook page load times by 60%    
We work together with Thailand's dtac and Facebook to provide an app-optimized network

Engineered Intelligence approach for Network Services

Mobile network operators who can move as fast as their customers will win the digital transformation race. We help our partners evolve from simply responding to demand to a pro-active, predictive optimization model.

Ericsson Network Roll-Out

With the rapid evolution of 5G, operators need to optimize and upgrade their networks quickly and smoothly. Ericsson’s Network Roll-out is the answer.

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App Experience Optimization

By providing a clear understanding of app-user experiences on your network, we help identify network performance issues, and optimize where it matters for your end user's’ app experience.

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Preemptive Support

We help our customers shift to pro-active operations by providing actionable recommendations developed from our human expertise and machine learning models.

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